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Editor's Note - One of the options for RV campers is to join a private rv resort membership. This guest article highlighting the fun things to do with winter camping is from KM Resorts who has 8 locations in Washington State along with low-cost access to over 1,000 RV resorts across the country.

There are many reasons that winter camping is just as adventurous as camping in the summer, maybe more! The crisp, cold mornings with your toasty camper’s coffee. The time inside put to use with games, crafts and movies. The food and drink of this season will warm you from the inside out. Watching the greenery come and go under Washington’s light blankets of snow. Soft socks and flannel!

Cozy Inside

We are fortunate in Washington to be tucked between ocean and mountain camping. The roads between the KM Resorts parks are some of the most colorful in the country. KM Resorts is a membership RV park system of 8 resorts across Washington. Each one has its own unique “personality”, yet the clubhouse activities tie them all together. Football Sunday, Card Bingo, weekend potlucks, ice cream socials and member generated events are on the year-round weekly schedule.

Dining at the Clubhouse

Food Galore!

Winter is also a perfect time for special events and classes for the indoors. This year, we made Thunder Gourd Drums. Chili Cook-Offs are always a warm and spicy competition. Birdhouse, rock painting and cookie decorating is popular for all ages. Each resort has a take & share library to accompany a wood stove, fireplace or the campfire with a book or puzzle. Another member favorite is our Craft Day, especially when the holidays are nearby. Indoor swimming, workout equipment, table games and karaoke fill the air with the excitement of winter camping.

Chili Cookoff

Activities & Crafts

Parts of camping are enjoyable all year, such as roasting marshmallows and sipping hot cocoa. The family owned and operated vibe at KM Resorts brings the seasons together. As the crowds disappear you have the opportunity to get reaquainted with your park and nature. Peace, quiet and respite from the frenzy of life. The longer nights and lower humidity make the sky shine brighter. No hiding out for the winter! When the weather gets rough, the rough go camping.

Campfire for Roasting...

Ready for Winter Campers!

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