As Summer is coming to a close, I’ve looked back on all of the many trips we’ve taken in our trailer. This is only the 2nd summer that my husband and I have had our RV and I’ve been so surprised how much we’ve been using it. It seems like we’re constantly either packing or unpacking it. For any event, social gathering or business that takes us away from home, we’re often deciding whether or not we should bring our trailer along. I’ve mentioned before that we purchased our RV for so much more than vacationing. If it were only for vacations it would be sitting idle for all but a couple weeks or weekends a year. We have regular lives with full time jobs and To Do lists, so for us, our trailer is for more than just camping or vacations. It’s quite often used for a combination of both business and pleasure.

My husband and I own a rental property, which was our first home, 3 hours from where we live. One of the projects on our summer to do list this year was to paint the exterior of the house. We knew the best way to maximize our productivity and increase our enjoyment during this time would be to bring our trailer along and park it at the property while we worked. We wanted to get the job done quickly before my husband needed to return to work, so time was of the essence. We loaded up our truck and trailer with all our normal camping items (food, clothing, and baby essentials for our son) but this time we also brought along our painting supplies and grubby clothes and hit the road.

We arrived in the evening shortly before our son’s bedtime. After giving him a chance to explore and play outside, we settled him down for bed and brought his baby monitor outside with us. We then began to set up all our supplies for the days ahead and taped off all the windows so we could get painting as soon as possible. With our son sleeping peacefully and our work lights turned on, we began spraying the house with the first coat of paint. We worked until even the work lights weren’t bright enough and then simply walked across the street to where our trailer was parked and enjoyed a little time winding down before we headed to bed ourselves. I was so thankful for the convenience of having our own sleeping quarters right there along with easy access to our own bathroom for washing up after dealing with paint all day.

So nice to have "home" right there while we worked

In the morning my husband got an early start painting, along with the well appreciated help of both of our parents who kindly drove up and volunteered their time. Our son, Nolan, is too busy at this stage to be anywhere near paint, so multitasking was out of the question. Instead, he took turns playing with mommy or a Grandma while everyone else got to painting and other maintenance projects. Nolan enjoyed exploring the outdoors and going for walks in our jogging stroller. It was so fun to watch him enjoy this neighborhood that my husband and I had enjoyed so much early on in our marriage before talk of having children ever came about. During his playtime on this trip, Nolan discovered his love for playing with keys. As he watched us lock and unlock the trailer door repeatedly he kept reaching for the keys so he could hold them. He would grasp the keys himself and hold them up at any key hole he could reach or that others would lift him up to.

"Key Master"

We have since given him his own key ring and he looks like a precious janitor or jail guard as he searches for what he thinks is the right key from his key ring to “open” any keyhole in sight. While Nolan was playing, completely carefree, work was being done all around him. There was a lot to accomplish and time was ticking by fast. We were so thankful for the extra helping hands and worked until dark each night to get things done in time.

Future RVer Practice

The last day, while my husband finished buttoning up the project and loading his supplies in the truck, Nolan and I enjoyed taking a walk down to the lake in the neighborhood. My two favorite things about living in this area years ago were the lake access and the endless walking routes through the neighborhood. I had so much fun sharing this time with my son nearly 6 years later. This was Nolan’s first time getting to see both ducks and geese. The group of ducks we saw were gathered together just enjoying food and rest by the lake. We had fun watching some of the young, fuzzy ducklings as well. We also spent some time playing on the nearby play equipment at the community club house. Then as the rain started coming in Nolan was glad for the shelter of his stroller, with his snacks nearby.

Our local neighborhood stroll

Back at the house, we helped do some final clean up and then stood back and enjoyed the project we could check off our To Do list. Tired and worn out, we headed back to the trailer to grab some lunch before we headed for home. While this trip with our trailer didn’t allow for much time to relax, it was so nice having our home away from home to make the trip that much more enjoyable. With our trailer nearby we could: maximize our productive time, have free lodging with all our own belongings and food, and it kept us from being an imposition to our renters.

Finished Rental House Painting

The next time you need to tend to some projects or take care of some business away from home, remember your trailer is simply your home away from home. Not just a vacation house - a home. Whenever and wherever you need it. Sending blessings your way, wherever it leads, whatever the purpose. Hope you can find some pleasure along with your business. Take care.

Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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