As first-time parents of a 7-month-old baby, my husband and I are far from being classified as seasoned parents. However, when it comes to traveling with a baby, we seem to have become seasoned quite quickly. Though we haven’t ventured on any extensive or exotic vacations with our little one, he’s already seen plenty of trips in our trailer from our tiny town to the big city to visit family and even a vacation to the ocean this summer. While I continue to love the incredible help our trailer is when traveling with a baby, through trial and error we have found some great products designed for traveling with a baby that have made our travels so much easier and more enjoyable for all of us. I’ve come up with a list of our top 10 favorite baby products to travel with.

There is no one sponsoring this article, these products are just ones that we truly love to use and highly recommend to anyone traveling with little ones. I hope these can be as much of a blessing to you and your family as they have been to ours.


As I’ve discussed previously in my article titled “Nursery on Wheels”, baby monitors have proven to be such a stress reliever during our travels. We hook up the baby monitor and then once our little one is put down for a nap or bedtime, my husband and I are still free to continue enjoying our vacation without putting everything on hold to sit quietly in the trailer. We can sit by the fire, play in the river or walk down to the beach all within range of the monitor. There are two kinds of monitors we bring with us. The first is a video monitor with a camera that allows us to keep eyes and ears on our baby at all times. It has great features such as zooming in, adjusting the volume, moving the camera angle or changing the brightness of the screen. While this is our favorite monitor, we can’t deny the fact that this is a high-priced item and one that we don’t want to chance damaging. For this reason, when we don’t have a way to safely secure the monitor while we’re out enjoying time on the beach or in the water, we bring a simple audio monitor. This monitor only picks up the sound of your little one (no camera) but also has a great range and volume adjustment. This being less than a $20 investment, we can easily justify replacing this on the off chance that this were damaged while we’re out and about during nap or bedtime. It’s also a great option long-term if the video monitor is out of your price range to begin with. We’re so glad to have both of these monitors available to us at home and on the go.

A white noise machine is something some parents swear by and others could care less about. While this is not something my son requires at all times in order to sleep, we love having the option to turn on some white noise while he sleeps to neutralize the sound of our voices if we’re sitting outside the trailer around the campfire or if there are loud noises from other campers nearby. We love the travel noise machine by HoMedics. It has 4 different sound options, volume adjustment, a timer feature, a long battery life and is very inexpensive.


An outdoor blanket is such a help if you have little ones under walking age. We love that we can let our son play freely on a large clean, surface as we too enjoy time outdoors. It folds up nicely so we can transport it easily and it’s heavy enough not to blow away if the wind picks up. It’s also super easy to wipe clean if needed. Sometimes we even bring our son’s baby play mat to put on top of the blanket so he can play on the floor with familiar toys just like he does at home.


If your child is more mobile, an outdoor blanket may not be enough to keep them safely playing while giving you the option to turn your back for a moment. Once your child is this mobile, it can be very helpful to bring along a play yard such as this one. This keeps your child contained, but offers a large enough space for them to move around as they play. It’s light weight and folds up to about the size of a standard camping chair. If you’re looking for an alternative, most parents have a travel pack‘n play play yard similar to this. These can be especially helpful if you also want to use this as a sleeping option for your child, but it is heavier and larger to store when not in use than the first option listed.


Whether it’s used for play time or eating a travel chair can make things so much easier on both you and your baby. We love that it gives our son some independence if he wants to sit up to people watch or explore while he plays with his toys. By having a travel chair available at meal times, we can help our son eat without having to awkwardly hold him in our lap or risking getting his food all over us. This chair folds up nicely so it’s easy to travel with. When you’re ready to use it you can just fold it open like a normal camp chair and it can even buckle to a larger chair so it can be elevated. If you don’t want to buy a specific travel chair, many parents have Bumbo seats for their baby to use. With the tray attached this too can function great for meal times.


There are so many great options if you’re in the market for a great baby carrier. We love our Ergo baby carrier like this one but if that is out of your budget I’ve had friends who loved this inexpensive carrier which is a great option too. With a baby carrier, I love the fact that my husband and I can bring our son with us on adventures and still have our hands free to skip rocks, collect shells, or simply hold hands. This summer we even kept our son in the baby carrier while we went clamming on the beach. These carriers keep your baby warm and shielded from the weather while offering great back support for you and great versatility.


We’re always so thankful to have a jogging stroller with us when we’re out and about and this one by Baby Trend is a great buy. It’s one of the most inexpensive joggers we found that had great reviews and we couldn’t love it more. While it’s obviously designed for use when jogging, we love to use it when we go walking on gravel or dirt trails. The large tires help you get around so much easier than with standard-sized stroller wheels. It can be used with the matching infant car seat or can be used on his own with older children. It folds up nice and compact and has great storage underneath.


If you’ve got a child in diapers a diaper clutch can be a God send when you’re on the go. This one keeps everything organized and easily contained. When it’s time to change a diaper you just grab the clutch and you have everything you need right at your finger tips - no more fumbling through over-crowded diaper bags. Unfolded, it functions as a great changing pad that easily wipes clean when needed and has 2 small pouches for containing clean diapers and baby wipes.


Disposable diapers and wipes can be so expensive and buying in bulk can offer huge savings. But when traveling I find it so helpful to have a small, reusable container for baby wipes that I can fill from my bulk stash. I never have to buy those over priced travel sized baby wipes again and I don’t have to tote around large containers of wipes taking up precious space when traveling. They make both hard- and soft-cased containers and I find both so easy to use. They’re also great if you use reusable cloth wipes for your baby. 


I love to have wet bags readily available when traveling with my son. If you’re unfamiliar with these, they are bags with a waterproof lining that you can place wet or soiled items into until you’re able to wash them. These are great for cloth diapering, swimsuits, or simply soiled clothing. I love that I can store these items separate from other used/dirty clothing as we travel and that everything is easily contained.

I hope this list has been both helpful and insightful for you. Having these items along on our travels has made a world of difference for us. They offer ease in caring for our son, allow all of us to enjoy each activity to the fullest, and keep us adequately prepared, all without taking up too much space in our trailer. With a few helpful travel items for your baby you simplify and maximize your traveling experiences. Have fun!


Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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