In 2017 my husband and I were blessed with our first precious miracle - our son Nolan. Then again in 2019 our family grew as we added our sweet little Molly to the family. Our life was changed forever. We lost sleep, but found joy. We lost independence, but found a family. One major change that resulted from having children was that we changed the way we vacationed. We now had a lot more necessities to bring along with us, required more flexibility, and needed it all on a smaller budget. After careful consideration and much excitement we decided the way to vacation would be with an RV. Read below for our top five reasons we chose to get our RV.

youtubeRV Travel is expected to be the preferred method of travel this summer as many remain wary of getting on an airplane, train or a cruise ship and with the thoughts of being packed tightly in with total strangers, not sure if everybody is going to be wearing a mask, and never quite sure if somebody is unknowingly carrying the virus make for an uneasy feeling. While road trips in the family SUV might seem like an alternative, are you really comfortable staying in a hotel/motel room of unknown cleanliness or what might be lurking on surfaces in restaurants? After months of being locked in your own home do you really want to risk exposure again?

youtubeTypically, Spring is an important time of year for RV sales. The weather starts to change, people want to get outdoors and the beauty of our geography is always a lure for the ability to go where you want, when you want. But the recent COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted that in the Pacific Northwest. If you were one of those who planned on purchasing or were considering an RV purchase in Spring of 2020, things are definitely different.

youtubeYears before our parents, Jim and Margaret, retired from the careers that put 4 kids through college, they came up with a plan they called “The 4 M’s of Retirement: Muscle, Memory, Money, and Meaning.”  This defined their goals for living “the good life” long after leaving the workforce.  They saw wealth not just in terms of how much money they set aside, but in how much vitality remained in their bodies, how engaged their minds were in the world, and in what made getting out of bed worthwhile. 

youtubeAre you tired of waiting for your states “Shelter in Place” orders to be relaxed / lifted?

Would you rather be residing in your RV along a rushing mountain stream rather than residing in your sticks and bricks home wasting away in your easy chair staring at sports re-runs on TV?

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