youtubeCamping at Fort Flagler annually has been a long-standing tradition for my husband, Brad’s side of the family. I wrote an article two years ago about our last time there when our son Nolan was only one! Last summer with our daughter, Molly, being born in June, we weren’t ready for any long camping trips for a while. With an extra year in between our visits to Flagler, we were really excited to get back with our now 3-year old son and 1-year old daughter.

youtubeLabor Day normally signals the end of the traditional camping season; the kids are back in school, youth sports are underway, and parents are focusing on other projects now that the kids are out of the house. However, Fall 2020 (as well as the months that preceded it) has been far from normal; children are distance learning online from home, RV sales are soaring and parents are working from home or on furlough. All of this has resulted in crowded campgrounds all summer long and now, with kids still home, continuing into fall. Who knows when things will return to “normal”? With most state parks and RV parks booked up for the foreseeable future, it is time to look creatively at other camping options.

youtubeWhen my husband Brad and I were first married we had a house in the Bellingham, WA area. When we moved years ago, we decided to make it a rental house. So once a year we go back to do some maintenance and general upkeep. Now that we have kids, saying “we” do maintenance is totally the royal we, as Brad does all the maintenance and I watch our two kids, Nolan and Molly. But either way, we love the opportunity this gives us annually to head back to an area near to our hearts and turn what could be one long day of driving into an annual camping trip with our RV.

youtubeWhile there is some debate if Wyoming is part of the greater Pacific Northwest, there is no debate as to its appeal to those with a sense of adventure as reinforced by the current Wyoming tourism tagline “Adventure is making a comeback”!

Now is the perfect time for an RV trek to Wyoming as Labor Day Weekend (end of the traditional camping season) is behind us and children in rural states like Wyoming are returning to in school classes meaning there are less people camping and competing for campsites. Wyoming also has a very low Covid – 19 rate making it one of the safer places to travel.

youtubeMany recent surveys indicate significant increased RVing activity this year as it is considered to be a much safer way to travel during the pandemic.  While opening up the RV lifestyle to many more people, it has put increased pressure on campgrounds and the ability to find a place to camp. Of the many options for camping including state parks, public RV parks, boondocking, etc., one that can also be considered is joining a private RV Resort group.  We contacted Kelli Abercrombie, Marketing Director at  KM Resorts in Washington State with 8 private RV resort locations to get more insight on the benefits of this option and how COVID has impacted them.

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