youtubeThis article is another topic on the list of things your dealer may not have told you about how to use your RV. Possibly the least favorite all-time jobs an RV technician has to deal with is a problem with the holding tanks, specifically the black (toilet) tank(s). Working on holding tanks is a difficult, time-consuming, and messy job. If you have ever looked at the waste plumbing on the outside of your RV, you may have noticed that it consists entirely of rigid ABS piping, the same as your domestic drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plumbing.

youtubeMost thinking about buying their first RV typically visit an RV show (or two) to get an idea on what RV might be best suited for their needs, find a dealer they like and get a feel for the whole buying and delivery process. Since there are no RV shows scheduled for the Pacific Northwest in the immediate future, following is a Do and Don’t list to help first time buyers through the process.

RV leveling has come a long way since the days of driving up on wooden ramps. Come to think of it, many RVers still drive up on wooden ramps. However, some of us are lucky and have technology working for us in this regard. It’s great to be able to pull into a campsite, push out the slides, and activate the hydraulic leveling jacks, but in this article, I will discuss what to do regardless of how you level your rig.

youtubeOde to camping in the Pacific Northwest! While we’re in the off season for camping over here due to snow, I’m loving reminiscing and planning ahead for the next trip we can take with our family of four. I truly love where we live so much! We’re so blessed to be near mountains, lakes and oceans without traveling far. Despite this, typically our ocean trips are far from post card worthy for much of the year due to the rain, cold, you name it. Don’t let PNW weather keep you from your next trip, and don’t let it spoil one either!

I’m back again with some more rainy-day activities for kids- and the best part is they are all RV friendly. You can read my previous articles for rainy-day activities as well, Part 1 and Part 2. You’ve got enough to pack for your vacation without filling your trailer with mounds of toys, art supplies, etc. Keep reading for products and ideas that maximize entertainment with minimal space.

youtubeIf you are among the thousands that joined the RV lifestyle over the past year, your head is probably still spinning as you realize there is a lot to learn. One subject that takes some RVers many years to figure out, often by trial and error, is what are the most useful tools to have with you RVing?

Following are the six most useful tools to keep in the RV:

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