Volunteering Can Be Very Rewarding

Often when one enters a Federal Park and or site visitor center, one of the first persons you encounter is a volunteer (VIP-Volunteer in Park).  They wear different uniforms for different agencies.  Some of these partners are:

 - National Parks Service, US Forest Service

 - US Army Corps of Engineers

 - Bureau of Land Management

 - US Fish and Wildlife Service

 - National Resource Conservation

 - US Bureau of Reclamation

If it wasn’t for the dedication and expertise of our park’s volunteers, the National Park Service and many of the federal resource and wildlife department properties would not be able to provide the experience the American public have grown to expect.

2020 Seattle RV Show

The 57th annual Seattle RV Show is coming up February 6th – 9th, 2020 at the CenturyLink Field Event Center. It is the oldest and largest indoor RV show in Washington state.

With such a huge selection of RVs on display, this year’s website has added the “RV Finder” so you can search for the types, manufacturers and models in order to see what will be at the show. This will help you narrow your search before you go and be prepared to go see the units you are interested in.

Make the Most of Your Next RV Roadtrip

We started out on this mobile lifestyle 7.5 years ago with some very low-tech resources.  With just a flip phone, an awesome Nat Geo road atlas, a list of friends’ recommendations, a bird ID book, and a copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, we got around, found campsites, and had some incredible adventures.  But oh, how times have changed!  With the parallel growth of both RVing and smartphone apps, what’s available at our fingertips today is a game changer.  Categorized and described below are a whole host of apps and online resources helpful to both plan your travels as well as make the most of them.  If you are curious about something, there’s probably an app for it.  While not exhaustive, this list includes our favorites as well as some great recommendations from fellow road warriors.

My last article detailed the first part of our holiday camping trip. With Thanksgiving behind us, we continued our trip enjoying time as our family of four in Oregon. We last left off in Seaside. To catch up, check out part one of this article.

There are lots of RV shows early in the year. Large RV Shows are great places to see and compare RVs in a climate-controlled indoor setting and save you the time and fuel of driving miles and miles between RV dealerships and dealing with traffic. But how do you know which RV Show is the best to attend?

Following are five things you should look for when deciding what RV show to visit:

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