When we first got our trailer, back in June of this year, I remember the exciting drive home as my husband and I towed our very own travel trailer. We spent the drive discussing fun ideas of where we could go or what we could do with our trailer. Though the list of vacation ideas can be endless, vacation days at work are obviously limited. We knew we didn’t want to buy our trailer just to have it parked at home all year aside from a couple weeks when we could realistically take a longer vacation. Our trailer was an investment for so much more than extensive vacations. In the few months that we’ve owned it, we’ve used our trailer for errands, day trips and visits with family. Whether the trip is big or small, long or short, our trailer has come in so handy for all kinds of traveling.


TruckAs residents of a small town in Eastern Washington, many of our errands require an hour and a half of drive time both ways. To do this all in one day makes for a very full day and can be quite exhausting. Though we’d done our fair share of day trips for errands, now that we were parents we had to consider the needs of our little one. To run these errands all in one day would mean our son would miss his naps and be late for his bedtime. An overtired baby does not make for a peaceful drive. Our solution to this dilemma was to bring our trailer with us. By bringing the trailer, it made it so much easier to feed him and to change his diaper inside the trailer rather than struggling to do these in the cramped seats of a truck or having to carry all his gear into a public restroom. It offered comfort, peace and privacy to care for his needs quickly.

Having our trailer also provided the option for our son to nap. If he didn’t get sufficient sleep in his car seat on the drive over we could lay him down on the bottom bunkbed that we converted into a makeshift crib. One of us could stay in the trailer while he napped while the other one could run in for errands or shopping. This was a much more appealing option for whoever had to wait in the trailer than our previous option of waiting in the truck if our son was still asleep in his car seat.

Another benefit to bringing the trailer for errands was the option to camp somewhere along the route and divide the trip in to a simple overnight trip. The first time we did this it really took the stress out of what would have been a long day. We ran some errands in Wenatchee and then started back home, but instead of driving the whole way we stopped along Blewett Pass and set up camp along the creek.

This enabled us to put our son to bed at a reasonable hour and gave my husband and I time to enjoy a peaceful evening. Since we brought his baby monitor with us, we could listen for him while we sat around the campfire. It felt like we were on a mini vacation. The next morning, we packed up and returned home at our convenience without being exhausted from a full day of errands. Our son didn’t have his sleep schedule interrupted and we weren’t spending 3 hours on the road in one day. This was a definite improvement from previous trips.

Day Trips

When you need to get away but taking a vacation is not an option, a day trip is obviously a great solution. We have been so happy with the option of bringing our trailer with us for just such occasions. In July, my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Our son was barely 3 months old and we didn’t feel ready to leave him yet, but still wanted to make the day extra special. We picked a nearby location, packed a few things in the trailer and took our son with us to a creek in the Teanaway. As always, our trailer made it convenient to care for our son and gave him a place to sleep. The awning provided us with some relief during the heat of the day and allowed us to enjoy the outdoors without exposing our son to direct sunlight. We had access to a bathroom and a place to change our clothes if needed. And we loved the ease of preparing food for lunch in the kitchen rather than relying on whatever we could pack in our cooler. After taking day trips without a trailer, these are some benefits that I don’t take for granted.

Family Visits

Dad babySince we were married, my husband and I have always lived over an hour away from our family. This made for many overnight or weekend visits. It was easy for us to just pack our bags and stay in a guest room at one of their houses. Having a baby quickly changed this and we soon felt this wasn’t an option. We worried he wouldn’t sleep well if the room wasn’t dark enough or quiet enough. Also, knowing our son would wake up for multiple night feedings just made us feel it would be too disruptive for us to stay overnight. Instead, we started shortening all of our trips and just stayed for the day.

Once we had our travel trailer we could bring it with us and we didn’t have to worry about being disruptive or trying to get our son to sleep in a new or uncertain environment. Our trailer became “the guest room”. We simply parked our trailer in the driveway and spent the whole day with our family. Our trailer came to our rescue as it allowed us to get our son to bed at a reasonable hour without causing us to leave an event early trying to make it home on time. With a controlled environment for sleeping and our own private quarters for night feedings, we could stay overnight and wake up to continue spending time with our family. Overnight family visits became an option again and we no longer spent time worrying about how we were going to make it work.

By using our trailer for more than extensive vacationing, we really feel that we are getting the full value out of this wonderful investment. Whether running errands, visiting with family, taking a day trip, or you name it, our travel trailer has taken the stress out of outings and left us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You don’t have to take time off of work to enjoy the benefits of an RV. I’m so thankful for this incredible blessing and look forward to where it takes us in the months and years to come.


Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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