youtubeIn times of economic downturn, RV industry sales typically take a big hit. However, just the opposite happened in 2020 as a result of a strange combination of factors. In the midst of one of the worst economic crises in nearly 100 years, RV sales are skyrocketing as many people chose safer family vacations that don’t involve airplanes, airports, hotels, and rental cars. Boondocking in remote areas, far away from other campers, remains on the rise and many of these people are choosing to leave their generators at home and go completely solar. It’s been truly fantastic to see how RV solar has evolved and grown over the past few years.

youtubeThe surge of people camping and visiting popular outdoor sites like national parks is expected to continue into the summer of 2021 due to lingering fears of Covid-19. You may find yourself asking, where can I take the family camping in the Pacific Northwest that won’t be overrun?

Over the next couple of months we will focus on little known places in the State of Montana that are family friendly and unlikely to be crowded.

youtubeIf you recently purchased an RV, welcome to RVing and all the adventures that await you in the Pacific Northwest. After searching for an RV and purchasing it, most RVers are excited to get out and enjoy their newly purchased RV and that’s great! However, sooner or later you will either sell it or trade it for another RV. Start maximizing your RVs resale value today, by following these 8 tips.

Financial Considerations

youtubeI embraced the RV lifestyle literally a generation ago. Living on the West Coast (the Canadian version of the Pacific Northwest), we are blessed with some of the most beautiful RV and camping environments on earth. From the time I was a small boy, my parents would take my brothers and I camping on a regular basis. We would camp throughout British Columbia, Washington, and even into Oregon. I was very young and don’t remember much of those early days, but I do vaguely remember when our family graduated to a tent trailer (I even have a foggy memory of the look, layout, and smell of it).

youtubeMany contemplating or entering the RV lifestyle question whether RV camping is safe? Statistically speaking, camping in an RV is very safe, plus a pleasant way to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

“For the most part, campgrounds are safe. You’re more likely to fall and skin a knee or stare down an angry chipmunk than run into trouble of a human kind.”, says RVer Brent Peterson.

However, many fail to ask the question or take into consideration, “How safe is my home during my absence while I am on the road RVing?” 

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