RV Camping at Liberty Campground

youtubeWith our second child born at the end of June, this summer has gone by so fast… and camping season along with it. After only one day trip with our new little one under our belts this season, we were overdue for an overnight. We wanted to pick something close once again in case things got too difficult with our little one. We settled on Liberty Campground, also known as William’s Creek Campground, just before the town of Liberty off Highway 97, about 30 minutes from our house. We only planned to stay for one night, but this campground allows you to stay for up to 2 weeks at a time for free and is a Bureau Land Management Campground.

Years before we had children we stayed here for the day with my husband’s 4 wheeling group. Upon returning for this trip, I had forgotten how large it was and how spacious each site was. On summer weekends this place gets pretty packed, but for a mid-week camping trip in the fall, we were one of about 4 camp groups staying there.

We headed out midmorning which gave us plenty of play time before our 2-year-old son Nolan needed his nap. With plenty of room in our truck bed, we packed our son’s big outdoor truck, and power wheel quad along with other outdoor toys. Nolan instantly enjoyed pushing his truck back and forth in the grass throughout the campground. With such a generously-sized camp site, he had plenty of room to explore as he drove laps with his quad. With bushes bordering the sides of most sites, a creek along the back through the trees, and our truck and trailer parked along the front of the site, it created great safety boundaries for where it was safe to play. It also provided great privacy even if the campground had been full.

Fun with the Truck Toys

When my husband began to clean up some scattered trash at our campsite, Nolan loved pulling out his shovel and cleaning along with him. Later when Daddy brought out his metal detector Nolan’s shovel came back out to “help” dig for buried items.

Cleaning Up

As nap time approached we all headed in the trailer for some lunch and some quiet play. Once Nolan had his stories and was settled in his bunkbed crib, my husband and I headed out for some time by the campfire. We laid out an outdoor mat with a soft blanket on top and let our 3- month-old girl, Molly, enjoy some play time. This gave us the chance to enjoy the fire from a safe distance and get some relaxing free time.

Relaxing "Free-Time" with Molly

We love our children so much, but I’ve never appreciated free time more than since I’ve been a mom. I pulled out a sewing project to work on while I kept an eye on Molly and after feeding her she fell asleep in my lap, not allowing me to move, but allowing extra time to sit and sew. My husband Brad pulled out his metal detector for a while and then spent time relaxing around the campfire and enjoying the sound of the creek.

Relaxing Around the Campfire

Once Nolan’s nap time was over, he went back to driving on his quad and enjoying obstacles created by a fallen tree branch and a large rock. I love seeing what toddlers take joy in! He loved getting extra time outside. When he was ready for a snack we loaded the kids in our double jogger and went on a walk throughout the campground. While Nolan chowed down, Molly got in another nap within the jogger.

Plenty of Space for Quad Driving

The campground was calm and peaceful. Though that’s not how it is year-round. Especially over summer weekends this place is typically packed with 4x4s and ATVs due to the good trail system that takes off from nearby and within the campground. If you plan to camp here when the weather is nice, keep this in mind in your search for peace or availability. Since the closest thing to an ATV that we brought with us was our son’s power wheel, we were thankful to avoid the busy season and embrace the calm.

When we got back to camp we started preparing dinner. After spending a little more time playing outside and sitting by the campfire, dinner was soon over and we had some more quiet play in the trailer. While we do bring some toys with us, we typically don’t bring many inside toys. Nolan entertains himself playing on mommy and daddy’s big bed, flipping on light switches (a favorite since he was old enough to flip a switch), and playing peek-a-boo behind the curtain we use to blackout his sleeping area.

As we got him ready for bed he picked out a couple books for story time. We’ve started keeping camping themed children’s books in the trailer which just makes story time extra special. With one child down and one to go, we spent longer than we would have liked helping Molly fall asleep (#babylife) and shortly after, we turned in for the night ourselves.

In the morning we sat around the campfire soaking up the last bit of the camp experience we could. Then we took turns packing things up and spending time playing with Nolan along William’s Creek within our campsite. Being by the water always puts me in my happy place, and it was just the same for Nolan. He had a blast watching the creek flow and throwing pebbles into the water. We took one last gaze at the creek before we headed for home.

In my "Happy Place" - Williams Creek

No big activities or plans made this such a relaxing trip…as relaxing as it can be with a 3-month old and toddler. I love knowing we’re making lasting memories of camping with them at such a young age. Whether long or short, near or far, a campout is a campout, no matter how small #drseuss. Happy trails to you and yours!

Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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