youtubeOde to camping in the Pacific Northwest! While we’re in the off season for camping over here due to snow, I’m loving reminiscing and planning ahead for the next trip we can take with our family of four. I truly love where we live so much! We’re so blessed to be near mountains, lakes and oceans without traveling far. Despite this, typically our ocean trips are far from post card worthy for much of the year due to the rain, cold, you name it. Don’t let PNW weather keep you from your next trip, and don’t let it spoil one either!

I’m back again with some more rainy-day activities for kids- and the best part is they are all RV friendly. You can read my previous articles for rainy-day activities as well, Part 1 and Part 2. You’ve got enough to pack for your vacation without filling your trailer with mounds of toys, art supplies, etc. Keep reading for products and ideas that maximize entertainment with minimal space.

  1. Colorforms

Did you have these as a kid? I remember loving these as a child and now it’s fun watching my own kids play with them. If you’re unfamiliar with Colorforms think window clings meet reusable stickers. These vinyl pieces do stick to windows, but even more fun is the playboard it comes with. Picturing background scenes that coordinate with the movie or just a setting depending on the set you purchase. You can put your favorite tv characters right into the scene on the included playboard. Available in such a variety of characters you’re sure to find one your child will love. Paw Patrol, Frozen, Toy Story, Care Bears, you name it. Pick up a set for under $8 on Amazon or check the art supply section of your local Dollar Tree for surprise, surprise $1. These are so travel friendly as they fold flat and are thinner than most books. Tons of fun without taking up tons of space.

Colorforms Offer Creative Fun

  1. Felt Board Sets

While similar in concept to Colorforms, felt boards are another great option for quiet, indoor entertainment. Felt boards can be used in classrooms for educating, church for teaching bible lessons, and of course for at home play. The options are limitless. Use it to teach your child on the go (where my homeschool parents at?) with numbers for math, letters for spelling, etc. Bring Sunday School to your child while traveling away form home. Or simply let your child play with figures and shapes and let their imagination soar. You can find so many options online. Purchase just the board and cut out your own felt shapes for or with your child. Buy story sets with dinosaurs, construction trucks, and more. Or pick up a set with geometric shapes and let your child create their own figures. Whatever floats your boat. Once again, these boards and their felt pieces store flat for easy storage. Bring them out to the dinette, couch, or bed for play and then tuck them out of the way and out of sight.

Felt Boards

  1. Magnetic Drawing Board

Got a little artist in the family? Bring along a magnetic drawing board for use when the Pacific North West does its thing #rainmuch.  This board reminds me of the Magnadoodle I had as a child with stamps and a tethered magnetic “pen”. Through the years they’ve stepped up their game with colored font and stamp options. Let your child create masterpieces again and again. All it takes is one slide of the “eraser” to clear the drawing screen and you’ve got another blank canvas. This board is larger, which allows for more space to create, but once again it’s narrow so it’s easy to store. This is also a great option for travel time in the car or truck. You can find these in whatever size you please. And for a bargain price, check out Dollar Tree again for mini magnetic board options. Our kids love their larger version for at home but have used the mini for quiet entertainment at church, weddings, etc.

Magnetic Drawing Board Activity

  1. Read Along Books on CD

So many people are in to Kindles for reading these days. While there’s nothing wrong with those, I like to limit my kids screen time a bit more. And while audiobooks are an option too, I love these classic Read-Along Story books that come with CDs. When I was young we had books on tape (cassette) and I just loved reading along with my sisters and listening for the sound that told me when to turn the page. You can find these available with more current or popular stories like Cars 3 or this collection of Disney stories including Frozen and Moana. They also have Curious George and classic Disney like the Lion King, among many others. While the rain pours down, let your child immerse themselves in stories all from the dry comfort of your RV.

Lots of Books to Read

  1. Cooking

Some of you may initially wince at the thought of the potential mess to be had while cooking with your child…in your RV kitchen - but be inventive and it doesn’t have to be. Choose low mess recipes or make them low mess yourself by laying plastic wrap down on the dinette or doing all your mixing in a large zip top bag. Kids love to mix things with their hands, but in a zip top bag it’s nearly mess free. No need to even get the oven messy or hot. Try something simple like no bake cookies! Mix in a bag, scoop, chill if needed and enjoy. Who likes waiting for the bake time anyways.

Cooking of Course

I hope these ideas bring some fun to you and your kids on your next rainy vacation. Bring out one or more of these activities and don’t just pass the time in your RV, savor it! Join your kids for some great quality time and then take a break yourself while they keep on playing, reading or creating. Here’s to making memories, rain or shine! Happy camping dear reader. May you be blessed in the year ahead.

Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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