youtubeNo use trying to dodge the elephant in the room. We’re in some strange times these days. Quarantined at home for over a month. Facebook is flooded with overwhelmed parents trying to entertain their children at home. Never you fear. Today I’m back with part 2 (Part 1 can be found here) of my rainy day (or quarantined day) activities for kids- all RV friendly of course. So put these ideas to use today or tuck them away for that next cherished trip with your RV when we’re free from quarantine.


Not much to see from the confines of your trailer? Bring on the sites with a View Master. Though these have been around for ages, they’re still easily found online. Bring one along on your next trip and let your kids pass the time looking through reels. From national parks to animals, to their favorite cartoon characters and more, your kids will pass the minutes one reel at a time.

I remember as a kid, we could find View Master reels in souvenir shops as we vacationed around the country. What a fun way to enjoy a momento and think back on past adventures. Think of all the adventures your child can take right inside your trailer. All the natural lighting from your many trailer windows allow your child easy viewing of this classic form of entertainment.


While we’re on the subject of windows, bring along some window clings and you’ve given your child a great canvas. When I was young I played with our bear shaped window clings for miles and miles as we drove down the road in our Dodge Ram. My parents probably couldn’t have guessed what an entertainment relief those simple window clings could be.  Let your child’s creativity sore as they play with the shapes, animals or whatever window clings you find. The dollar store has many options to choose from, especially for the holidays. Pick up a standard set of window clings or change things up and get some gel clings- my personal favorite. These clings look like finger jello in window cling form. Such fun to play with- just monitor use with small children. The gel clings can tear if you pull too hard so use caution to avoid choking hazards. Whichever style you choose, window clings are so compact they make a great option for travel entertainment.


I would always suggest curling up for story time with a good book, but for a change of pace, these books offer great interaction. Bring a classic I Spy or I Spy Kids book depending on the age of your child. Or use Look and Find Books - designed similar to I Spy books but with popular cartoon characters from beloved children’s books or movies. These books are great for creating a virtual scavenger hunt, right from your trailer.

Searching Books for Toddlers

Looking to add a creative twist- bust out a flashlight and let your child search and point out each item by shining their flashlight on it. You know you’ve already got one in the trailer, so why not add to the fun with a hands-on element.


Let those little hands craft and create with pre-assembled craft kits. All the fun without the prep. The dollar store sells plenty of these. Once again, I’ve seen these especially during the holidays in the seasonal section. But no matter where you shop, the choices are endless: ceramic figures with washable paint and paint brushes, or foam paper animal cut outs with all you need to bring life to a little creature.

Once they’re made your child also has a fun little friend to play with on their trip. Their own personal Forky #toystory4. Speaking of which- got a Toy Story lover in your family? Bring the fun to your family with Disney’s Forky craft or creativity set. The sky is the limit with these simple craft kits. Reasonable prices and great for a range of ages. I love that store- bought kits require no at home prep time and are easy to keep on hand for the next camping adventure.

Craft Kits


After all the playing and creating, your little ones are bound to work up an appetite. Use the kitchen to set up a “build your own trail mix” station. Grab a cup for each person and gather the finger foods you have on hand. Use fun “tools” like spoons, tongs, measuring cups, etc for filling up their snack cups. This helps little ones with their fine motor skills, and just adds an extra fun element for kids of all ages.  Let your kids make their own trail mix creations with nuts, raisins, pretzels, cereal, goldfish crackers, candy pieces, or whatever you have on hand. My son is all about “cooking”. Whether he’s measuring, mixing or scooping, it’s all fun and games when there’s snacking involved.

Creating Their Own Trail Mix

Once snack cups are filled don’t forget to involve your children in the clean up. Set the snack cups up where they won’t get knocked over and have your kids help you put things away one by one until everything is cleared. Part of “cooking” is cleaning. No matter how young, it’s important to instill the value of cleaning-up after cooking. No need to have fun and then be left with a disaster zone at the end. “Cooking. Check. Clean up. Check.” Now time to dig in to those snacks.

Include Clean-Up as Part of the Activity


Whether it’s the quarantine or a rainy camping trip, don’t let it dampen your spirits. Keep your kids active and content with this activity list. And don’t forget to join in on the fun yourself and stay young at heart. The more enthusiasm you bring to the table the more fun it is for everyone. There are always memories to be made when you’re camping- both outside and inside the trailer. Wishing you all joy and contentment as you spend quality time with your loved ones during this unique time and in the times to come.

Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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