Items to Carry in RV

In the last installment, we looked at what to do if your RV breaks down. In this installment we will look at suggested items to carry with you so when the unexpected occurs, you will have a better chance of resolving the problem and getting back on the road with minimum inconvenience.

Keeping Your RV Going

While today’s RVs are reliable, you must remember; they are built by imperfect people in an imperfect world, out of imperfect materials and needed repairs are always a possibility while traveling the highways and byways of the Pacific Northwest.

Repairs can take many forms, from flat tires or engine problems to failure of appliances in the house portion of the RV. Some will stop you dead in your tracks while others might reduce the livability of your RV until repairs can be made.

Following are some tips to make the need for repairs less likely and to provide a safer and less stressful situation when they do occur:

Dogs Make RVing More Enjoyable

RVing is fun for the whole family including the four-legged canine variety, but before you hit the road for the first time with a dog, you should consider the following.

Before Your First Trip

- Get your dog acclimated to the inside of your RV by performing a daily activity like mealtime (for you and your dog) before your first trip. If you plan on leaving your dog alone at some campsites, practice leaving your dog alone in the RV for a short period of time before your first trip to see how they react. Do they bark, become anxious, etc? If so, plan accordingly while they adjust to their new surroundings.

Fort Flagler

Camping at Fort Flagler was an annual tradition for my husband growing up. Along with his parents and sister, they would load up their travel trailer and enjoy time on the beach searching for crabs and clams. Now that we have our own little family and an RV, we’ve decided to make this a tradition with our son, Nolan, as well. Living in Eastern Washington we are about a 3 hour drive away from the ocean, so we love to plan one or two trips a year that give us a chance to spend some time on the water. At the beginning of the year, we made our reservations and looked forward to this getaway for many months. (Don’t underestimate the need to plan ahead. Last year as soon as we purchased our RV in May, we looked to see if there were any available RV sites left, but Fort Flagler was booked up 100%!)

There are few adventures that are more fun than camping. You get to immerse yourself in nature (which offers a wealth of mental health benefits), grill in the great outdoors (check out these culinary camping delights), toast marshmallows over an open campfire (be sure to take precautions when doing so), take time to get lost in a good book (find some inspiration here), and connect with your camping mates in a way you simply can’t when you’re in the city. And if you’re taking a recreational vehicle on your outing, the fun begins on the drive to your campsite!

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