youtubeRV Travel is expected to be the preferred method of travel this summer as many remain wary of getting on an airplane, train or a cruise ship and with the thoughts of being packed tightly in with total strangers, not sure if everybody is going to be wearing a mask, and never quite sure if somebody is unknowingly carrying the virus make for an uneasy feeling. While road trips in the family SUV might seem like an alternative, are you really comfortable staying in a hotel/motel room of unknown cleanliness or what might be lurking on surfaces in restaurants? After months of being locked in your own home do you really want to risk exposure again?

When you go RVing, you have way more control over your environment including bedroom, bathroom and cooking/eating areas. You don’t have to enter crowded places and you control how much interaction you have with others, if any.

Getting Outside For Hiking and Sightseeing

RV camping also entails getting outside which according to recent news articles report that outdoor coronavirus transmission appears to be rare. RVs provide a great base camp for enjoying outdoor, healthy activities in the fresh air, such as hiking, biking, metal detecting, rock climbing, gold prospecting, and paddling (kayak, canoe, etc), all of which help clear the mind of current events while allowing you to get outside and exercise in what is likely to be a beautiful Pacific Northwest setting.

Great Trail For Some Exercise While Social Distancing!

There are also plenty of less strenuous outdoor activities you can enjoy like geocaching, photography, rock hounding, fishing (shell fishing too), back road exploring, gold prospecting, wildlife viewing, beachcombing, exploring forgotten places, hunting for antler sheds, sightseeing, stargazing and of course sitting around the evening campfire.


Fortunately in the Pacific Northwest there are lots of options for both places to camp and activities to enjoy. Camping options range from wild camping in the boondocks to luxury RV resorts and everything in between such as rustic forest service campgrounds to state parks offering utility sites.

RV Resort Camping

Currently some of your choices are limited due to the pandemic, but as the states reopen their economies, most if not all of the options listed will return by summer. Just as there is a wide variety of places to camp with an RV, the Pacific Northwest provides a plethora of geographical areas to do so. You can choose the ocean beaches of Washington and Oregon, Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Montana, ocean inlets such as Puget Sound, arid deserts of eastern Washington and Oregon and much more! Who would want to board an airplane and / or stay in a hotel when there are so many healthy choices for those that call the Pacific Northwest home? All of the regions mentioned above can be driven to in a matter of hours or in a couple of days if you choose to drive across the entire region. Even fuel prices are the lowest they have been in years due to the pandemic, adding to the reasons why RV travel is the way to go this summer.

The Pacific Northwest Has It All - Why Travel Anywhere Else This Summer?

Over the next few months we will look at different places in the Pacific Northwest to camp and what outdoor activities you can enjoy from camp. Who knows, you may discover a passion for one or more new outdoor activities you and the family can enjoy for years to come.  Stay tuned!

Dave Helgeson
Author: Dave HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dave Helgeson is the MHRV Show Director. He and his wife love to travel across the west in their RV. Dave writes about all things RVing but loves to share destinations and boondocking advice.


0 #2 Dave 2020-07-01 23:19
Judy - An RVer who brings everything with them to sustain their stay, camps by themselves in the woods and doesn't interact with locals poses much less risk (virtually no risk) than somebody that comes to stay in a motel / cabin, yurt, etc, eats at a local restaurant, buy groceries, browses store fronts and uses public restrooms. As you pointed out quarantines are not unenforceable and people ARE going to travel, shouldn't they travel in the most responsible form available? Thanks for sharing.
0 #1 JUDY Farrell 2020-06-30 17:24
This is just irresponsible .. Although RVing sounds Wonderful right now, I must mention that your term "POST PANDEMIC" is Highly Inaccurate! This Pandemic is FAR from OVER! Some of the States mentioned in this article are seeing a SPIKE in COVID-19 cases and should NOT be traveled to! Many states still require 14-day quarantine, when entering from another state, although highly unenforceable, THIS is one more reason How & Why this Pandemic will continue to be "ongoing". I realize you're trying to sell RVs, but someone needs to remind folks that THE COVID PANDEMIC IS NOT OVER!! The best way to DO YOUR PART is to stay Local! ALSO, many of the smaller, more rural camping destinations that we all love to visit/explore ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO HANDLE A COVID OUTBREAK and their residents have repeatedly asked travelers to avoid their area and that their priority is to keep their families SAFE from someone carrying COVID into their communities - NOT on generating revenue!! Better judgement please.

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