One of the things I sometimes think about is how the RV industry has changed, or not changed, over the decades that I’ve been enjoying the lifestyle. I started RVing with my parents and siblings at a very early age, so I have been involved for 50 years or so.

youtubeThe greatest design feature about your RV, no matter the make or model, is also its greatest flaw when it comes to heating or cooling. Because it goes everywhere you want it to, rolling above the speed bumps and potholes of the world, the weather can surround it on all sides, above and below. Unlike a traditional home, there is no connection to the warm embrace of Mother Earth; this means a loss of efficiency, higher heating and cooling expenses, a greater reliance on fossil fuels and the possibility of frozen pipes.

youtubeThose of us that enjoy riding an ATV or UTV and call Washington State home know that finding a legal place to “just ride forest roads” within the state is difficult. Sure, you can go to a designated ORV area where boundaries limit your travels and the trails are better suited for experienced riders. If you are like me, lack of friendly areas to ride an ATV has sent you to other northwest states such as Oregon, Idaho or Montana where regulations aren’t as strict and your RVing / ATV tourist dollars are welcome.

Given soaring fuel prices this summer, traveling out of state with the RV was an expensive proposition. Luckily, I discovered Conconully, Washington conveniently located in the heart of ATV/UTV riding opportunities in friendly Okanogan County.

youtubeMy wife has camped at Fort Flagler State Park since she was a child. The park was also the first camping experiences for my daughter and son. Both camped there before they were a year old. One of the many activities we have enjoyed there through the years is traversing the park exploring the old military batteries. When our children were young, my wife and I were “middle age”, we laced up the boots and visited the batteries on foot. As our children became older, bicycles became the preferred mode of transportation.

youtubeTired of the hot weather we have been experiencing in the Pacific Northwest this summer? Looking for someplace to cool off during your RV travels? Then be sure to stop in Pendleton, Oregon and descend into the depths of the Pendleton Underground Tours (PUT).

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