Editor's Note: Noah's story has touched the hearts of everyone in the MHRV Association. We wanted to share this extraordinary story of community compassion and generousity and send our hopes for a successful journey and operation.

We all know how much fun an RV can be and how it enables family memories for a lifetime. But for one little boy in Spokane, WA, finding a suitable RV could mean life-saving surgery.

Noah needs life-saving surgery in Boston, MA

Noah Alderson was born with multiple heart defects and his family was recently told that there was no more that could be done to help him. But surgeons at Boston Childrens’ Hospital specialize in Noah’s type of illness and believe that they can save his life with a state-of-the-art surgery.  With this hopeful news, the immediate challenge became how to transport him across the country with all of the medical equipment and environmental conditions needed to keep him alive.  Flying or driving a car were not options due to his condition. The family determined that an RV was their only solution.

The RV community provides some help

After setting up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the cost of an RV and the trip, a good Samaritan shared the link with the Outdoorsy RV (an owner’s RV rental organization) Owners page on Facebook. One of the owners in Seattle, Sebastian Bularz of Seattle RV Adventures, took the generous step of purchasing a brand new Class C RV for its fleet, specifically for the Alderson family to use for this trip. This RV is being sold to him at cost from Valley RV Supercenter in Kent. In addition, Outdoorsy promised the family that the company will cover the cost of the RV rental rate, plus mileage costs, the cost of campgrounds, gas and insurance. They will also cover the cost of a hotel room close to Boston Children’s Hospital during their needed stay and ensure that a backup generator is provided so the family doesn’t need to worry about an electricity outage during the trip.

2019 Jayco Redhawk 31XL for Noah and his family's trip to Boston

Noah’s family is extremely grateful for the enormous support and help of the community and strangers with giving hearts. Even with all of this generous help, there will still be additional funds needed for Noah. MHRV Show Association will be donating funds to help.

Noah and his family will be leaving on his journey to Boston on August 1st.  If you’d like to follow Noah’s story or help in any small way, here is how to get more information:

Follow Noah’s story on Facebook

Visit Noah’s GoFundMe page

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