When you attend the Enumclaw RV Show August 1st – 4th come prepared to absorb lots of useful information and learn more about RVs and the RV lifestyle.  Here is a sampling of the opportunities that await you:

Seminars: At the Enumclaw RV Show you will find two seminar areas featuring 19 different subjects with over 20 hours of instruction by industry experts. Subjects cover the gamut from technical, safety and lifestyle.

Seminars are one of the many learning opportunities at the Enumclaw RV Show

Mike SokolThe Enumclaw RV Show will feature Mike Sokol, one of the most sought-after RV speakers in the country. Mike is a technical writer and trainer for the pro-sound and the RV industry. He is an expert in 3-phase industrial power, generator power and RV/campground power. One of his most passionate subjects is teaching RVers about grounding issues as they relate to electrical safety and equipment function. Mike will be presenting three unique seminars at the show, which are outlined below:

Part I - Generators, Inverters, Batteries and Solar (90 minutes) Thursday 8/1

  • Portable generator selection, hookup, grounding and bonding
  • Transfer switch basics, operation and troubleshooting
  • Inverter types, selection and troubleshooting
  • Converter/charger types, selection and troubleshooting
  • Battery selection including flooded cell, AGM and Lithium
  • Multi-battery hookup and isolation systems
  • DC to DC charging systems between TV and RV
  • Solar panel selection and integrating into charging systems
  • Solar system capacities needed for residential refrigerators

Part II - Campground Power & Surge Protectors (90 minutes) Friday 8/2

  • What is a campground pedestal?
  • How to plug and unplug safely
  • Over and under-voltage pedestal demonstration
  • Wiring a campground pedestal from pole to outlets
  • Why do 30-amp shore power plugs melt?
  • Pedestal mis-wiring dangers including 30-amp dryer outlets
  • Pedestal open-neutral danger
  • Available wattage from 20, 30 and 50-amp outlets
  • Pedestal diagnostics using a Ground Loop Impedance Tester
  • Voltage-surge definition and danger
  • Surge protector theory and selection
  • Basic and EMS/Advanced Surge protector demonstrations
  • RV wiring maintenance
  • Transfer switch operation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Part III - Hot Skin Voltages (90 minutes)   Saturday 8/3

  • What is voltage?
  • What is current?
  • What is a Hot-Skin/Stray-Voltage?
  • Testing methods for Hot-Skin Voltage
  • Using a Non-Contact Voltage Tester
  • Outlet testing basics using a digital meter
  • Testing 30 and 50-amp pedestal outlets
  • Dogbone adapters
  • Grounding issues and advanced testing
  • Safety considerations around electricity

stevefroese150Another seminar presenter at the Enumclaw RV Show is Steve Froese who will be presenting technical and lifestyle seminars Thursday through Saturday. In addition to being an avid RV owner and traveler, Steve Froese is a certified RV technician and licensed LP gas ticket holder in British Columbia. He holds university degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and is also a project management professional (PMP) and lean six-sigma black belt. Along with his education in RV repair, he also has diplomas in radio broadcasting and computer systems. He took his RV training under Gary Bunzer and continues to work on many projects with the “RV Doctor”. Steve is a published technical author in RV trade magazines and other media and has worked with the RVIA/RVDA as a consultant on technical and training initiatives. He currently sits on both the Technical Advisory and Education committees of the FMCA. Steve lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife, kids and dogs, and in addition to his role as an RV technical consultant, works as a technical writer, mechanical engineer, RV Technician and professional musician.

In addition to the two experts above you will find many other relative RV subjects presented at the show taught by seasoned experts.

Click here for a complete listing and schedule for seminars at the 2019 Enumclaw RV Show.

As you can see there is too much information to take in during one day, so be sure to pick up a return ticket from the Information Booth to return another day or better yet, bring your RV and camp onsite for just $30 per night (two night minimum). Electrical service and show admission for two is included in your camping fee. RV spaces are available the nights of July 31st through August 4th, call the Enumclaw Expo Center at (360) 226-3493 to reserve a space.

Ask The Expert: Have an RV service question or just want to check out the latest in RV accessories? Then be sure to check out the Ask the Expert exhibit at the Enumclaw RV Show where a wealth of information awaits you. At the "Ask the Expert" exhibit you will find a fully accessorized travel trailer along with a display of the latest toys and gadgets for your RV. A seasoned RV service professional will be on hand to answer any and all your questions concerning general RV service, jacks, awnings, antennas and other installed accessories.

Ask the Expert

Live Hitching Demonstration: Nearly one half of the RVs on the road today are travel trailers. To safely pull a travel trailer you should have a properly sized and set up equalizing hitch. Unfortunately, many current travel trailer owners and those looking to buy one, don’t fully understand how an equalizing hitch operates. If you need a deeper understanding on how an equalizing hitch operates or are unsure whether could successfully hitch one up, stop by the live Hitching Demonstration at 3pm daily. You will find the hitching demonstration at the exterior southeast corner of the Les Schwab Hall.

Hitching Demonstrations Daily at 3 p.m.

Learn From Other RVers: Friday and Saturday nights from 7:30 PM – 9:30PM everyone is invited to enjoy live music around the campfire just outside the south entrance to the show. Many of those enjoying the event will be current RV owners camped at the show. What better way to learn more about the RV lifestyle then to hobnob around the campfire with those that are already enjoying the RV lifestyle? Admission is free and concessions are available for those that might want to roast a S’more or enjoy some ice cream on a warm summer night.

Live Entertainment Around the Campfire Friday and Saturday Night

Exhibit Booths: The Enumclaw RV Show also features a selection of informational exhibit booths where you can learn more about; places to camp, covers for your RV and the latest in hitching equipment to protect yourself on the road.

Exhibit Booths

Tow and Towed Vehicles: If your choice of RV is a towable one (travel trailer, fifth wheel, folding trailer or truck camper) you will need a suitable tow vehicle to tow/carry it. If your choice of RV is a motorhome, then you will most likely want to pull a vehicle behind it. You will find both tow and vehicles designed to be towed behind a motorhome at the Tow and Towed Vehicle Display. 

Explore Towing and Towed Vehicles

Manufactured Housing: The Enumclaw RV Show is produced by the non-profit MHRV Show Association which is dedicated to promoting the Manufactured Home and Recreational Vehicle industries. While most are attending the Enumclaw RV Show to learn more about RVs and the RV lifestyle, there is also a manufactured home on display where show attendees can learn more about today’s manufactured homes which are far different from the mobile homes of yesteryear. While at the show be sure to take a tour of the home on display and you might discover it is the perfect answer for lodging on your vacation property or retirement home.

Visit the Craftsman Cottage Vacation Home

As you can see, there is a cornucopia of informational and learning opportunities at the 2019 Enumclaw RV Show August 1st – 4th held at the Enumclaw Expo Center. Be sure to make plans to attend.

Dave Helgeson
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Dave Helgeson is the MHRV Show Director. He and his wife love to travel across the west in their RV. Dave writes about all things RVing but loves to share destinations and boondocking advice.

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