youtubeWestern Washington residents have likely heard the names and seen the faces of the following people on the evening news.

Brendon Nepon, 37 - was last seen Sept. 27 near the Snow Lake. 366 searchers have spent a combined 2,000 hours combing the area.

Shirley Baumann, 61 – last seen July 20th. Search and Rescue volunteers have spent over 3,000 hours searching for her.

youtubeFirst time RV ownership is skyrocketing. If you were lucky enough to find and purchase your first RV in this crazy time, congratulations! Now that you have secured the RV it may seem somewhat intimidating to take it out camping for the first time as there is much to learn and remember.

Following are 5 tips to help make your first camping trip in your RV a success.

Editor's Note: To see any of the previous articles in this series, click on the appropriate link listed. Montana's Mission Canyon, Nye, Montana, and Makoshita Park, Montana

youtubeThis is the fourth and final installment in the series on lesser known places in Montana that are worth exploring, offering multiple camping options and not likely to be as crowded as more popular attractions like national parks this summer. In this entry we will look at Fort Peck Dam, Fort Peck Lake and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. The name, Fort Peck, originated from an old trading post and Indian agency established in 1867 in part by Colonel Campbell K. Peck.

youtubeCurrently in our area and beyond we are experiencing a heat wave that is shattering temperature records. If you are fortunate enough to be out camping, hopefully your coach has air conditioning. One of the joys of RVs is that most of them have at least one air conditioner. It is days like these that we really need these units to function properly. While our little corner of the world is a true paradise, we only get really hot days for a few weeks (or months if we’re lucky) of the year. My wife grew up in the Okanagan, which is usually the hottest place in Canada in the summer months. Therefore, she has a high heat tolerance, so she prefers to simply open the RV windows most of the time. Yesterday she turned on the air conditioner.

Small Kitchen in Your RV?

youtube“What do you eat?  I mean, you can’t possibly have many pots and pans and utensils in there….or store much food.”  If we only had a nickel for every time we’ve heard this question over the past 9 years. “You’d be surprised,” we always respond.  It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is, it’s the size of your imagination that really matters!  All anyone really needs to cook is a heat source, a pot, and a spoon.  We are two foodies on the move and we have whittled our kitchen essentials down to what we need to make incredible meals, all with just a two-burner stove or a campfire, a 12V fridge, and a few cooking essentials -- including just one small electric kitchen appliance.  Can you guess what it might be?

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