youtube“You guys camp a lot; you should do some reviews for my friends, in Portland, who have started this new camping app.”  This off-hand suggestion from a work colleague seemed intriguing – and 5 years later we’ve not only come to rely on it nearly every day, but we’ve gotten to know the staff on a first name basis. You just never know where a simple suggestion may lead!

That was 2016. We were exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest by land and by sea, celebrating the new-found freedom of finally selling our house. We had been finding campgrounds and some public land with our Nat Geo Adventure Road Atlas for years, but knew that we were missing out on some incredibly helpful information available through a smartphone app. We had never done reviews for anything, but we believed that a resource like this would be helpful to us, and others, so we decided to jump in and give it a try. 

Finding Campgrounds and Places to Camp

Before we knew it, we were not only campground reviewers, but we’d won a few of their monthly contests. In 2017, we became Dyrt Rangers who were reviewing outdoor products at campgrounds, as well as Featured Writers for their popular online magazine. We’ve taught online RVing related seminars for them, and have become both product ambassadors and affiliates.  They now refer to us as “Legends,” which still makes us giggle a little.

As Legends, we are super users of this incredible resource, and with that we’ve been given the opportunity to offer new users a 90-day FREE trial with our promo code. Planning to camp this summer?  Sign up now to check it out for your summer travels, absolutely no strings attached to this offer…just good “Dyrty” fun to fuel your outdoor adventures!

Good Dyrty Fun!

How many people can say they know the people behind the app that they use nearly every day? 

Today, The Dyrt PRO is the top-rated campground locator app in the nation, with over 14 million users in 2020. It’s been written up in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, and Lonely Planet…among others. Earlier this year, it was named “App of the Day” by the App Store, and they are now sponsored by Eddie Bauer. This nationally-known company was founded by Sarah Smith. Along with her husband, Kevin, she dreamed up this idea at a picnic table while camping.  Together, they have thrown their life savings into growing this small start-up business. They dreamed of a comprehensive resource to find available camping without having to look up every national forest, state park, or national park website – which to be fair, are a little…how do you say? 2005? We simply can’t say enough about this awesome couple! They may call us Legends, but we call them friends. 

Sarah & Kevin

Some of Our Favorite Features

This app has so many cool features, it’s like 4 apps in 1. The $3 per month ($36 annual fee) that you’ll pay, after trying it free for 90 days, will literally pay for itself the first time you use it. Highlighted below are a few of our favorite features, and check out this video for more details.

  • Find & Filter Campgrounds with the Amenities/Pricing You are Seeking

Prefer private campgrounds? Prefer public campgrounds? Need a shower or dump station? Want something kid or pet friendly? Seeking a place to stay under $20?  We use this “filter” feature to find exactly what we are seeking within a particular region. It’s so helpful, we use it a few times per week!

  • Find Public Land for FREE Camping Using Map Layers

Heard of free camping on BLM or National Forest land? Don’t know how to find it? The Map Layers feature designates the type of land in the area by color (orange = BLM, purple = national forest, and green = national park boundaries). While it’s always good to contact the local BLM, USFS, or NPS office to know the rules and regulations, you can usually camp for free for 14-21 days at a time. Just remember to Leave No Trace!

  • Find Campgrounds without a Cell Signal Using Offline Maps

Do you enjoy traveling without reservations? Or, love to explore areas far away from a cell signal? Then, you are a lot like us. We wanted a comprehensive resource that would work without having to be connected to a tower. With a downloadable database which is updated regularly, you can have the latest, most up-to-date campground information at your fingertips, even when you are miles away from a signal. Note: There are few things that you can’t access when you don’t have a cell signal, such as user-reviewed pictures or access to campground websites; but, campground descriptions, prices, and amenities are all still visible.

  • Plan & Budget for a Camping Road Trip

Are you the type that loves to plan? Maybe you have dreamed of a regional or cross-country camping road trip to see some of America’s greatest natural resources?  Enter your starting and ending points, along with some waypoints where you’d like to stop, and this resource will help you plan your trip for you. It not only suggests various campgrounds, it will allow you to choose how much time you want to drive each day, help you find “big rig” gas stations, as well as help you budget gas for your trip based on your vehicle’s information. You can even make campground reservations within the app! 

  • Save Money on Campground Fees

Many private campgrounds and RV parks have joined The Dyrt community and offer discounts for multiple night stays for The Dyrt PRO members. Just show them your online membership code and save up to 40% on your first night, 10% on consecutive nights! Check out the details here.

  • Get Camping Gear Discounts

Sponsored by new brands each year, The Dyrt offers PRO members discounts (10-40% off) on many popular camping brands, in addition to highlighting new and innovative companies who are making unique camping equipment! Check out the gear discounts for this year here.

  • Enter Monthly Camping Contests

In addition to getting gear discounts, you can WIN camping gear by reviewing campgrounds! During every month of the year, and for each state, there are new prizes (in the form of gift cards, so you can choose whatever you’d like from a specific company!). We’ve won backpacks, clothing, shoes, cookware, stoves, wetsuits, free PRO memberships, and a whole lot more over the years. Details about their monthly contest can be found here.

  • Join Camping Forums

New to camping, RVing, or just seeking some specific information? Love to talk about RVing or where to camp?  Experts from across the nation monitor these forums to give advice, offer assistance, and voice opinions. There are numerous topics to choose from, or you can simply join a general discussion. Join in the discussions here.

The Dyrt PRO is more than just an app, it’s an incredible resource and a community of people who love to spend their time outside. We’ve completely stopped making campground reservations because even if our first choice is full, we can always find other options by using the app. With the popularity of camping and RVing over the last two years, it’s eliminated the worry associated with finding a campsite -- we always find something beautiful! The Dyrt PRO is one of our secret weapons in full-time RVing for the past 8.5 years. With all the cool features: off-line maps, map layers, filters, monthly contests and more, we hope you’ll add it to your travel tool kit as well.  Try it for 90-Days for FREE!

Questions? Comments? Please add your thoughts below.

Shari and Hutch
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In 2012, Shari Galiardi & David Hutchison left behind careers and a comfortable home in North Carolina to travel with the vintage camper trailer they lovingly restored, outfitted with solar, and named "Hamlet." What began as a short break from careers and responsibility quickly turned into a love affair with roadlife. They have parlayed their higher education backgrounds, desire for life-long learning, and thirst for adventure travel into writing, photography, video production, and public speaking gigs from coast to coast. Known to their friends as simply Shari & Hutch, you can learn more about their full-time, solar-powered adventures on their website at

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