The RV community offers comradery in many ways. Friends are made along the way and there are a multitude of resources to make travels easier.  MHRV (Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles) Association strives to include as many helpful seminars, exhibitors and attractions at the shows that we do (Seattle RV Show, Puyallup RV Show, Enumclaw RV Show).  As a not-for-profit organization, it is also a goal to help with philanthropic needs that relate to the industry.  In 2019, here are some of the organizations/needs that the association has assisted.

Search & Rescue Special Vehicles Unit

RVs offer many adventure opportunities and most of the time, all goes well. But, if you’re ever in a situation where you’ve ventured off the beaten path for hiking, bicycling, site seeing or finding that perfect spot for photographing and something unforeseen happens, Search & Rescue is a valuable service. Search and Rescue units are typically non-profit organizations and consist of 100% volunteers funded solely by donations. The highly trained volunteers (who spend countless hours in the classroom and field learning/training) respond to a wide variety of emergency operations including searches for lost people, first aid and evacuation of injured hikers, climbers, avalanche victims and high-angle technical rescues.

If you are in an area that is difficult to get to, the Regional Special Vehicles Unit may be called upon. RSVU specializes in mobile (ATV’s and Snowmobiles) search and rescue operations and requires a special truck to get search vehicles to the area. In 2019, MHRV has again supported this group with a $2,500 donation to cover the insurance costs of their unit truck that transports the special vehicles.

Our Show Director, Dave Helgeson is also a Search & Rescue Volunteer

Noah the Brave

Once in a while a story touches the hearts of everyone in the RV industry. Such is the case of Noah, a 4-year-old boy from Spokane in need of life-saving surgery only available to him in Boston.  His special needs restricted his ability to travel and it was determined that the only way to get him to Boston safely was in an RV, but how? 

The family has had a community outpouring of support, including the use of a new RV provided by Seattle RV Adventures, Outdoorsy RV Rentals, KOA Campgrounds and local donations. MHRV has also donated $5,000 to this effort to help enable a comfortable trip and hopefully successful operation for Noah. You can follow his journey that started on August 1st on his Facebook page.

Noah on Trip to Boston

Back of Noah's RV, Still in Need of Funds

Food Donations

At each of the RV Shows, bins are provided for attendees to bring along non-perishable food to donate for those in need.  In Seattle and Enumclaw, these donations are provided to Northwest Harvest that supports the King County area.  In Puyallup, all donations go to EFN, Emergency Food Network that supports Pierce County.  MHRV also matches these donations pound-for-pound with a check that equates to each pound of food donated.  At the Puyallup RV Show, our sponsor, TwinStar Credit Union, also matches the food donated and has contributed time from their staff to help box food donations on-site at EFN. MHRV’s donations this year totaled just under $2,000.

Fill the Toyhauler at the Puyallup RV Show

TwinStar Credit Union Employees Donating Time to Repackage Food at EFN

Washington State Parks

MHRV has been working with Washington State Parks for several years now.  For each ticket purchased at the RV Shows’ gates, $1 is set aside to donate to the parks for additional/supplemental programs that our parks would like to offer.  In the past, these funds have been used for projects such as Capitol Campouts that gets kids who would normally not have the opportunity to experience camping, hiking and an outdoor experience. Funds have also been used to help add WiFi to some of the state parks.  With the snow storm heavily impacting the Seattle RV Show gate attendance this year, funds were not as hoped but a check for $6,343 was recently presented to Washington State Parks.

Recent Check Presented to Washington State Parks

Opportunities for You

Owning an RV is a great opportunity to donate your resources and/or time to serve others. For some ideas, see a previous article, SeRVing Others with Your RV. There are many opportunities and needs out there that offer rewarding experiences.

Cheryl Johnston
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Cheryl Johnston is the Marketing Director for MHRV. She writes about anything that helps promote RVing and educate the public about the RV Lifestyle.

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