A few months ago, I wrote an article speculating when the US/Canadian land border might open again to non-essential travel. I’m not about to buy any lottery tickets anytime soon because I really messed up that prediction!

Since the borders were unilaterally closed about 18 months ago, citizens on both sides have been led to believe the USA and Canadian borders would re-open at the same time. With the Covid-19 cases exploding in the USA throughout the Pandemic, it was a wise decision to isolate the two nations. In fact, some people are unaware that Canadians have been able to travel by air to US destinations, and that only the land borders have been closed.

youtubeWith the wave of new RV owners, it is harder than ever to obtain a campsite with an electrical hookup these days. This has lead many first time RV owners to purchase a generator. However, many don’t fully understand what size (output) or type of generator they need. More importantly, when and how long to operate a generator. This lack of understanding leads to poor generator etiquette in the campground. The results are upsetting campers in neighboring campsites and causing headaches for the campground host who has to deal with the conflicts.

youtuberecent survey taken by RVtravel.com revealed that nearly 40% of RVers own an ATV or other off-road vehicle. I have also interacted with several readers of this blog that have told me they enjoy a good adventure off the beaten track. In this installment we will look at a couple of places way off the beaten track that are worth a visit either in person via an appropriate off-road vehicle or vicariously online while lounging in your easy chair.

youtubeIn my last article we visited the historic mining camp of Cinnabar, Idaho which is a great destination for RVers with off-road toys and a sense of adventure.

For those northwest RVers that don’t have off-road toys and are a bit less adventurous, but would still like to explore a historic mining camp, the Deadwood Mine about 35 miles southwest of Cinnabar can be reached by most two-wheel drive vehicles.

While the Deadwood mine doesn’t contain nearly as many structures as the Cinnabar mining camp, it does have a very interesting and unique structure unlike anything I have seen in my years of visiting ghost towns and mining camps.

youtubeI grew up camping with my parents, and we eventually graduated from tent, to tent trailer, to motorhome. My mother believes I truly caught the RV bug when my father took a sabbatical and we headed off on a six-month trip around North America in a 23’ Winnebago Indian. We eventually downsized to a Class B van, in which I took several road trips as a teenager.

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