First Camping Trip of the Season

It’s official! We’re back in camping season! My husband, 2-year-old son and I kicked off the season with a trip to Quincy Lakes. Life seems like it’s been extra busy, so lots of relaxation was on the menu. We pretty much made plans to not make plans and just enjoy our time however we wanted. Typically we plan more activities that get us up and going, but since I’m in the third trimester, pregnant with our soon to be daughter, a laid-back camping trip was gladly welcomed.

We left our house in the morning and after less than an hour and a half of driving, arrived just before lunch and our son Nolan’s nap time. With Quincy Lakes being set up as first come first serve, with no reservations or designated camp sites, we were glad to arrive in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. There were plenty of available options. We found a beautiful spot along one of the lakes and instantly soaked up the peace and quiet. Once we were settled in, my husband got a campfire started and we cooked up our favorite hot dog alternatives- Johnsonville brats and Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage.

Campfire Going and Favorite Brats & Chicken Apple Sausage

Nolan loved getting to feel like a big boy in his very own camp chair. He received it last season, but was a bit too young for it then. Now he is all about his chair and his only concern was that he didn’t have a cup holder - so my husband and I gladly shared ours. Before lunch was over our cup holders were filled not only with sippy cups, but also with precious rocks and sticks collected by our sweet little man. There’s so much to explore out camping and seeing it through the eyes of our two-year-old is so fun and warms my mommy heart. But further exploring would need to wait until after naptime.

Always Nice to Have Your Very Own Camping Chair

Once Nolan was settled down for nap, my husband and I set up our chairs overlooking the lake and took time to enjoy the peace while reading and fishing. We brought along our paddle boat, so when we found the water was too shallow for fishing from the shore, my husband headed out in the boat and enjoyed time out on the water. While a paddle boat may not be a fisherman’s first choice, with the right bait, fishing proved to be a success. I stayed on the shore to stay within range of our baby monitor while Nolan was in bed.

Fishing from the Paddle Boat

When he woke up from nap Nolan was excited to walk around and explore our campsite. We were quick to teach him that he couldn’t go too close to the water, but we also kept his life jacket on some of the time just in case. He enjoyed scooping water out of his toy buckets with water we collected from the lake. When he saw the paddle boat he quickly said “Nolan try it” so we all headed out for a boat ride looking for fish, birdies and watching the trees blow in the wind. We love how stable paddle boats are with little ones, and there are plenty of seating options. Such a perfect set up for our young, growing family.

Fun with the Beach Toys

When we got back to the shore we headed out on a brief “hike” on the trails surrounding our camp area. The weather was great even though it was so early in May. We enjoyed the views of the lake and we’re always amazed how quickly the terrain switches from “the woods” at home to the look of the dessert as you continue driving east. Such a change of pace and beautiful in its own way.

Getting in a Little Hiking

That night after Nolan was down for bed, we enjoyed sitting around our campfire - one of my favorite parts of camping. We love to soak up the opportunity before burn bans start coming. We enjoyed testing out our new zero gravity chairs (which we received as a Christmas gift) as we looked up at the stars. We quickly gave the chairs our stamp of approval - much more comfortable for lounging compared to our standard camp chairs.

The next morning was extra windy at our camp area, so we all headed out on a walk to see some of the other nearby lakes. My husband enjoyed camping in this area growing up, so he was glad to see more of the area again. Fun memories!

Being so far along in my pregnancy, the walk included many frequent rest breaks and bathroom breaks. This worked perfect because there were a number of restrooms as we walked along the roads for the camp area and big boulders offered seating options when I needed to get off my feet. Nolan enjoyed watching other fishing boats take off on the lakes. One group had one of those flying drones and that was definitely something that caught the attention of our little boy too.

As we got back to our camp area the day was nearly a repeat of the day before and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more. We soaked up the time relaxing and exploring together and I even got out in the boat fishing with my husband one on one within the range of the baby monitor. I’m so thankful for all the handy “gadgets” we parents are blessed with today.

Great Time Relaxing and Exploring at Quincy Lakes

The following morning we got things loaded up and headed out from our camp area. We headed into the nearby town of Wenatchee for an impromptu visit with my husband’s grandma and then ran some errands in town. When you live in a small town like we do, there is always something on the shopping list when you have the opportunity to head into town. One great visit and too many Walmart bags later, we turned the truck around and headed for home.

Since Nolan so recently turned two, he enjoyed driving forward facing in his car seat for nearly the first time. He loved to narrate what he saw as we drove along. Big trucks, car lights, you name it. It was so fun to see him enjoying the drive, as well as the camping trip. Our little guy has definitely set the example to find joy in the journey, not just the destination. Wishing you joy along your next journey. Happy camping season!

Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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