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Editor's Note - This is the 1st article in the 4-part series "Exploring the RV Lifestyle" with two newbies touring the Olympic Peninsula. To read the other articles about this trip, see "Ocean Shores", "Rain Forest" and "Fort Warden-Glass Beach".

As someone who is very involved in RV Shows and promoting the RV Lifestyle, I must admit that I have only been RVing for a short weekend several years ago. Traveling with a friend, we had such a great time and talk about it to this day. We decided last Fall that it would be fun to take a longer trip and really experience RVing and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. As I investigated RV rentals, one of the MHRV dealers, Tacoma RV, offered to lend us their “employee” motorhome for a week. It's used to encourage their employees to venture out and gain direct experience of what it’s like to travel and camp in an RV so they are better informed with customers. How fortunate we were to have this opportunity to travel in a 29-foot Class C Coach!

Nice!!! So Excited to Get Going

Prepping for the Trip

As the editor of, I do read all of the articles and find them of great value and interest. We had posted a couple of key articles about preparation for your trip, “Vacation Preparation – Do It Now” and “Equipping the Trailer”. The “Do It Now” was weighing heavily on my mind in February as we wanted to take this trip in May. We decided on three destinations points; Ocean Shores, the Rain Forest and Port Townsend, specifically the Glass Beach that was written about in another article. With some online research checking on availability in May, proximity to sites we wanted to see and cleanliness of restrooms/shower facilities, we made our reservations in time to get good spots.

I also wanted to make sure I was prepared for the RV. At the Seattle and Puyallup RV Shows, there is an attraction called “Hands-On RV 101” where an expert takes you through an RV as if you were purchasing it for yourself.  I attended this at the Puyallup show so that the information would be fresh in my mind. We also got a thorough tour of the actual RV at the dealership complete with an instruction book. Now I can fully appreciate the difference between the black water, gray water and fresh water tanks!

RV 101 Class

Next, we found the checklists in the above two articles especially helpful. There was absolutely nothing in the RV so we needed to stock up on the essentials as well as what we would need personally. The RV Essentials and Master Packing checklists were invaluable. We also considered what we would need for food and took advice from some other RV blog articles that strongly suggested planning out a day-by-day menu. As one of those “potheads” who uses the Instant Pot, I knew this needed to go with us for some nice hot meals and leftovers.  Did you know there is a Facebook group for this (Instant Pot RV’ERS)? Taking an extra day upfront to get all of our items into the RV and get the grocery shopping done was also great advice and made the trip less stressful.

Invaluable Checklists!

Instant Pot Provides Easy Meals

Places to Stay

While not by design, we ended up selecting three different types of RV parks…a private resort, a public RV park and a state park. 

The private resort was KM Resorts’ Ocean Mist in Ocean City, WA. This park, one of nine that they have throughout Washington State, is right by the ocean. We were able to park right next to the path that takes you there. There are usually extra amenities at these membership parks and this one featured a Clubhouse, playground for the kids and three cabins that can be used for member guests. We happened to be there on Sunday morning and were able to get the homemade cinnamon rolls, each one big as a plate! If you’d like to experience this type of resort, KM has a special two-night stay for those who are interested.

KM Resorts - Ocean Mist

The public RV park was Riverview RV Park near Forks, WA. This park takes reservations which is why we selected it. The rain forest was on our list but the Olympic parks were mostly first-come, first-serve. If you’re not sure when you will arrive, best to have a reservation if you can. This park is close to Forks and about an hour from the Hoh Rain Forest to the south. Family owned, very clean and friendly.

Riverview RV Park

The state park we secured was Fort Worden in Port Townsend. If you’ve never been, RV or not, it’s well worth the trip. Water access, beaches and the town of Port Townsend are all close by. RV spots need to be reserved and spaces go quickly as the spring/summer season approaches, especially if you want to stay more than one night. No need for a Discover Pass if you are staying at the park as you are covered in your fees.

Lots of Space at Ft. Worden State Park

Each type of RV park offered something a little different and were thoroughly enjoyable, especially the people who run them and the other RVers who were staying there. That’s one of things we discovered about the RV Lifestyle, people are always friendly and willing to help out newbies.

So where did we go? Some great spots as we looped the Olympic Peninsula…next article.

Cheryl Johnston
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