youtubeWhen planning a camping trip with a little one, it seems like the list of “essentials” can get much longer than when I was just packing for my husband and I. From special blankets and toys to bulky baby gear and diapers, there’s no doubt about it - kids come with a lot of stuff. And when our son started eating solid foods, then came along a list of feeding essentials. Now that our little man is two years old, we have a pretty good system in place for making meal and snack times as easy as possible. And it all started out with a homemade “baby feeding kit”.

Before we bought our trailer I originally designed this “self-made” kit for use at restaurants. But once we started using our trailer we found this kit to be a huge help for feeding our son on camping trips. The kit is simply made up of items we’ve found both helpful and essential whenever hunger strikes our little one. What’s in this kit? I’m glad you asked.

  1. BIBS

We always keep 1-2 bibs in our baby feeding kit. The type of bib can totally be your choice, however, I would avoid standard cloth bibs or anything absorbent since they can’t easily be cleaned on the go. We like to use options that can be thoroughly wiped clean without the need for laundering. Silicone bibs, like this one from OXO are great. They can be quickly wiped up, dried, and easily returned to the kit without any laundering required. Waterproof bibs are another great option and even more compact as they can lay completely flat. For a no muss no fuss option, disposable bibs work nicely too. Just use them and toss them. But don’t forget to refill your kit when you use the last one.


  1. WIPES

A couple failed attempts to clean messy hands by pouring water on a restaurant napkin, only to have it shred or tear into pieces will make you wish for the real deal. Store a pack of travel wet wipes in your kit to make clean up a breeze. You can get a store bought pack or for a more cost effective option in the long run, buy a reusable wipes case and refill with wipes from a standard pack. While wetting reusable cloths can totally work, we prefer an option that is pre-moistened when out and about. Also- when out on a camping trip with no access to a washer or dryer, we like to avoid anything that could get moldy or musty until we return home and can clean it.


We love this inexpensive silicone placemat we found by Neat Solutions. It sticks great to most surfaces and wipes and dries quickly so it too can be immediately returned to the feeding kit. We love how much more sanitary it keeps things as it provides a clean surface whether we’re eating out on vacation, outside on a campground picnic table, or even just inside on the dinette table of our trailer.



We like to keep an inexpensive set of reusable plastic child utensils so we quickly have them at the ready. They take up such little space and make eating on the go super easy. We used to sometimes keep disposable plastic utensils on hand for our son, but after hearing the story of my cousin’s daughter who bit off and swallowed a piece of her plastic spoon (yikes!) we stick to the reusable child spoons for a much more sturdy and safe option.


While our preferred cup of choice at home has always been the Munchkin 360, Munchkin also makes a great standard sippy cup that we love to use for travel. It’s more narrow so it fits easier in our feeding kit, and it’s spill proof! #sippycupsforthewin

Keeping a sippy cup in this kit has been such a help whether we’re out at a restaurant without kid cups, or dining in our trailer without remembering to pack any of our child cups from home.

Does your little one tend to drop or throw their cup? Invest in some inexpensive sippy cup straps for your feeding kit. These were so helpful when our son was in the dropsy stage and saved us time and time again from wiping dirt off of cups while we enjoyed a meal outside. Simply attach the strap to your child’s sippy cup and buckle it to their booster seat straps, etc. Such a game changer!


Whether your little one is just starting to try food or is a seasoned eater, food pouches can be a huge help. No refrigeration required, a long shelf life, and quick on the go access to fruit, veggies, etc make healthy meals on the go so much easier. As I’ve shared before, we are big fans of ChooMee pouch toppers for self-feeders or Infantino twist on spoons for assisted feeding to keep things even cleaner as your little one enjoys their food pouch.


Pre-packaged or self filled zip top bags of your child’s favorite dry foods are great to have on hand as well. Whether it’s the “appetizer” to keep your hungry child content, or the supplement to a meal, while they wait for their meal out at a restaurant or while you’re preparing a meal in the trailer, having food at the ready for your little chow hound will keep everyone in better spirits.


Though often times restaurants hand out crayons and coloring pages/menus, I’ve been surprised how little we’ve received these when we’ve been eating out. Wherever meal time takes you, it can be helpful to keep items such as crayons in your feeding kit to keep your child occupied without making them fill up on snacks before the meal is ready, just to keep them from getting fussy.

  1. THE BAG

Finding a bag with plenty of pockets/pouches is a big help in keeping things organized and easy to find. The bag we selected for our feeding kit is actually a large cosmetic bag. It’s perfect because it has lots of space, pockets, and even some removable pouches, while still staying compact and easy to travel with. While I can no longer find the bag we have in stores, taking a walk down the make-up aisle at Walmart, Target or your preferred store should give you some good options. Cosmetic bag or not- simply select a bag large enough to accommodate your needs for feeding supplies.

Now that you know all you plan to fit in your kit, go out and find a bag that will meet your needs. Fill it up with your supplies and let yourself relax as you know you’ve thoroughly prepared for your little one’s feeding time. No need for your child to get “hangry” on your next camping trip. Just remember to pack your baby feeding kit as you load your trailer for your next great adventure.

Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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