Tires and Brakes - Keep Your RV Safely Rolling Along

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Dave” where lifetime RVer and former RV dealer Dave Helgeson answers readers' questions. A reader named Ron recently asked, “On a typical Class C 25 – 30 foot motorhome, how long do brakes and tires typically last?”


RV Tires will typically “age out” before they “wear out”, while wear is typically the determining factor on when to replace brake pads or linings.

“Rain, Rain Go Away”, the words of this familiar children’s tune can ring in loud and true when camping in the Pacific Northwest. If you’ve got rain in the forecast for your next trip, or if you just want to be prepared, try bringing along some items to help keep your little ones entertained in the dry shelter of your RV. Here are 5 ideas we love and use, to get you started.

Volunteering Can Be Very Rewarding

Often when one enters a Federal Park and or site visitor center, one of the first persons you encounter is a volunteer (VIP-Volunteer in Park).  They wear different uniforms for different agencies.  Some of these partners are:

 - National Parks Service, US Forest Service

 - US Army Corps of Engineers

 - Bureau of Land Management

 - US Fish and Wildlife Service

 - National Resource Conservation

 - US Bureau of Reclamation

If it wasn’t for the dedication and expertise of our park’s volunteers, the National Park Service and many of the federal resource and wildlife department properties would not be able to provide the experience the American public have grown to expect.

RV Travel in the Desert

The Incredible Southwest: Four Deserts, Four Months of RV Travel

When we were kids, our parents often drove us through the desert while on the way to “somewhere else,” somewhere beautiful or somewhere fun.  They considered the desert to be a barren wasteland that we must endure in order to get anywhere interesting.  Now, as adults and full-time RVers, the desert is the destination.  After spending 4 months in 4 different desert ecosystems, we are officially hooked on these surprising and stunning places!

RV Dealership

An online RV Newsletter recently contained an entry entitled, “Is novice RV buyer being “taken” by dealer? Your input requested”. To view the entry you can click here or it is reprinted at the end of this entry along with some of the responses from readers of the newsletter. As the writer alluded to in her question: “I think I’ve been reading too many horror stories on the internet, because now I’m worried they are trying to take advantage of my naïveté in this situation despite getting a good review about them from one of you.” While those that responded to her question basically told her to “run away”, I believe they either mis-interpreted her question or have never purchased an RV through a dealership, as dealers typically request a deposit before readying an RV for delivery.

Following are four reasons why it is safe and in your best interest to leave a deposit with an RV dealer when looking to purchase an RV.

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