youtubeMany coaches have battery disconnect switches installed in them. However, these switches sometimes go unused or unnoticed by owners. In fact, when I was working as an RV Technician a few years ago, I was passed a phone call from a service customer. They had recently purchased a trailer and were unable to get any of the electrical systems in the trailer working after pulling into a campground. The lady mentioned she had checked the battery connections, the fuses, and everything else she could think of. I asked if she had a battery disconnect. She asked what that was, so I explained it to her. She put me on hold for a few minutes, came back to the phone, and told me that’s what the problem was. Battery disconnect switches are a great way to conserve your batteries while your RV is in storage, even for a short time.

youtubeDo high fuel prices have you rethinking your RV travel plans for this summer?

Would you rather see your vacation dollars go towards fun activities instead of seeing them escape as exhaust vapors from your tailpipe?

If you are one of our many readers residing in Western Washington, consider a trip to nearby Crystal Mountain Resort. While most know the resort as a winter destination, the resort has added many fun summer activities and even offers RV spaces with electrical hookups!

youtubeDid you know that Tacoma Power operates multiple campgrounds on the lakes behind its hydroelectric dams southwest of Mt. Rainier? The campgrounds are comparable to those operated by Washington State Parks, but not as well known, especially to those new to RVing.

youtube12V, 24V, or 48V Solar Power System: Which Voltage Is Best for Your RV?

Solar consumers are no longer asking if it is possible to power their lives with the sun, they are testing the limits of those possibilities. Just a couple years ago, we wrote a blog with the prophetic title, 48V Systems: The Future of Solar. Well, folks, the future is now!

Here we are, in the middle of the first full travel summer since the Pandemic began. If you’re like my family, you can’t wait to get out on a serious road trip in your RV. As I have pointed out in a previous article, it is important to ensure your coach is ready for the travel season by performing annual routine maintenance.

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