youtubeWelcome to part two of Montana’s Ghost Town Loop. This 70-mile loop tour in southwest Montana passes through scenic territory with plenty of camping options while visiting ghost towns and mining camps that helped establish the state. You will find it easy to social distance yourself from others and world events as you enjoy this loop. If you missed the last entry you can read it here. In this entry we will continue our loop visiting the towns of Bannack and Farlin.

youtubeHey Happy Campers! I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing the word quarantine, but there’s no doubt about it, the quarantine has put a damper on our “camping life”. The campground or camp area closures, no non-essential traveling, and of course concerned friends and family. With some of that behind us, we were beyond excited to get out with our trailer.

“Take only photographs, leave only footprints.”

youtubeVisiting our nation’s parks will likely look very different this year, and possibly for years to come.  As parks slowly reopen for daytime visitors, campgrounds remain a big question mark for this summer.  What we do, where we stay, and how we enjoy these favorite vacation spots will require a new point of view.  We need these wide-open spaces for our health and sanity, especially after months of lockdown; but we also need to be deliberate in protecting ourselves and the park we visit.  This is the new landscape painted by the brush of COVID-19.

youtubeAre you looking for somewhere to take the family RVing this summer that doesn’t include visitor centers, amusement parks, crowded campgrounds and traffic? How about enjoying a leisurely week exploring historic ghost towns and mining camps where you might not encounter another living soul, disperse camp in your RV along a babbling brook, rock hound for six-sided crystals, be stunned by nature's beauty as you traverse a scenic byway, maybe see a moose or two all while completing a loop around the majestic Pioneer Mountains of the Beaverhead National Forest in southwest Montana? In the day and age of social distancing this is a great option for young and old alike. 

LT Murray Wildlife Area & Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

youtubeIn my last entry we looked at why RV travel is expected to be the preferred method of travel this summer and how RV camping supports many outdoor activities your family can enjoy while distancing yourselves from others. I promised to share different locations over the next couple of months on where to camp along with the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed from camp.

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