youtubeHey Happy Campers! I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing the word quarantine, but there’s no doubt about it, the quarantine has put a damper on our “camping life”. The campground or camp area closures, no non-essential traveling, and of course concerned friends and family. With some of that behind us, we were beyond excited to get out with our trailer.

Though we didn’t go far, last month our family set out on our first camping trip of the season- all within approved boundaries during the quarantine. While it was only day camping, it gave us the much-needed relaxation we were after, and obviously it got us out of the house.

Heading Out for Much Needed Relaxation and Adventure

Since we hadn’t been out in a while, we were considering this another trial run with our youngest child. For our family, traveling with a little baby has always been full of trial runs when it comes to camping. A trial camping trip to see how they sleep in the trailer as an infant, a baby, a toddler, and now a combo of an almost 1-year old and 3-year old sleeping in close quarters. Not knowing how the dynamic (translated: success of napping) would go, we figured a day trip close to home was the safe route.

We packed the trailer with food for the day, as well as clothing, toys and diapers for the kids. So thankful for easy storage in the trailer. It never fails to amaze me how much stuff kids may need even for a short trip, but it pays to be prepared, so off we went.

Easy Trailer Storage

We headed to Hanson Ponds, literally 15 minutes from our house. So nice to enjoy camping without an extensive drive time or with the chance of missed naps. We love getting to camp on the water and this spot fits the bill. Though there is some freeway noise due to its close proximity, we love it here and always have a great time.

Once we were parked and the jacks were down, our 3-year old son Nolan was excited to bring out his trucks and water toys. I love watching his creativity come to life as he instantly sets up his toys for endless play time. He joyfully made trip after trip to the pond with a small cup to fill up his dump trucks. We of course kept a close eye on him by the water, but also put on his pool floatie for extra security. Though he did flood his rain boots once or twice, over all he stayed dryer than expected.

Playtime at the Pond

Our one-year old daughter Molly was anxious to get down and play too, but she’s confined to playing on an outdoor blanket until she learns not to put everything, i.e. sand and rocks, in her mouth. But if given the chance she would gladly have joined in with her brother. Whether her “help” was welcomed or not. In between playing with the kids, my husband, Brad, and I set out our camping chairs and collapsible side table to enjoy some relax time as we were able. My kids mean the world to me, but relax time has never been so valued to me until I became a parent.

After some play time, we all headed in the trailer for some lunch, followed by naptime. Our last camping trip had been in November, when our daughter was still young enough to be in a travel cradle up in our master bedroom area. Now that she is older she’s ready to join her brother in the bunk beds. With a baby gate securing the bottom bunk, and a specialized safety netting buckled to close the opening of the top bunk, both kids were set to go. With that in place we said our prayers that nap time would still be a success with the two of them so close and able to hear to one another.

Naptime Challenge

While the kids were down, Brad and I took some individual time to do our own choice of leisure activities. I enjoyed some peace reading a book, though joining the kids for nap time was tempting too. Meanwhile Brad busted out his metal detector and began exploring around the beach and the roads to the pond.

After nap time, we pulled out our paddle boat, loaded up the kids and paddled our way around the pond. I’ve said it before, but we just love how stable the paddle boat is for kids. It feels so safe and secure even with our little ones. Nolan even took turns being the navigator, pointing which way we should go, and tried out steering for a bit.  

Always Fun in the Paddle Boat

Back on shore we spent the rest of our time playing again on the beach before loading up as the rain was coming in. During this time we started getting flashbacks to last year’s trip to Hanson Ponds, which ended in massive hail…in August! Exciting, but unexpected. Since it was nearing dinner time, we took advantage of our local take out options and headed to the Red Arrow diner for burgers, fries, and a milkshake split amongst us. A rare experience any day of the year, but especially welcomed during this season of quarantine.


While we waited for our food the kids had fun playing in the trailer. Molly was especially curious to explore since the last time she’d spent much time in the trailer she wasn’t crawling yet. She had fun playing peek a boo behind the bedroom curtain, crawling around on piles of blankets on our unmade bed, and playing “tackle games” as Nolan calls the wrestling he and Molly do.


It was so nice to get out after many months without camping, and being “stuck” at home. We are so grateful our trailer gives us the enjoyment of a camping experience with ease, whether hours from home, or simply fifteen minutes away. Wishing you all great experiences as you head out camping as things open up in your areas!

Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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