Getting a gift for an avid RVer can be a challenge. Many already have the things they need safely packed in the RV. 

Do you have an RVer on this year’s Christmas gift list? If so, here are some unique gift ideas for Northwest RVers. Most items can be found at your local RV dealership or click on the link for online sources.


Tablecloth Weights

Gift WeightsCampground picnic tables found in the wetter climates of the Northwest are typically not something you want to set the family meal upon, so most RVers carry a table cloth to dress it up and make things a bit more sanitary. While the RVer on your gift list will likely have a tablecloth and some sort of cheap clip to keep it from blowing off the table, a gift of tablecloth weights featuring vintage RVs will make their outdoor dining experience a little more fun and memorable.

Folding Picnic Table

Gift Folding Picnic TableMaybe your gift recipient prefers dispersed camping (aka boondocking) away from developed campgrounds with picnic tables and other amenities. Consider giving them a folding picnic table which provides seating for four and a table top for dining or playing games yet compactly folds up for easy storage in their RV.


Laundry Pod 

Gift Laundry PodInvariably when camping, some article of clothing gets unexpectedly dirty via the environment or spilled food. While many RV parks feature a laundry, most public campgrounds do not. In times like these, your RVing friends could really use a mini washing machine. The Laundry Pod is an easily stored washing device allowing RVers to clean clothes in under ten minutes using less than two gallons of water and just a teaspoon and a half of laundry detergent.

Kill a Watt 

Gift Kill a WattMonitoring / understanding electrical power draw is something every RVer must manage. The appliances that are part of the RV (refrigerator, air conditioning, etc) along with those RVers bring with them (hair dryers, toasters, etc) will typically exceed the campground power, generator or the RVs inverter if too many are operated at the same time. The Kill a Watt allows RVers to learn how much each appliance consumes and determine which items can operate concurrently without overloading the power supply.


Hitch Vest

Gift Hitch VestIf you are looking for a gift for a fifth wheel owner, a Hitch Vest is something they are unlikely to own as they have only been introduced recently. The Hitch Vest protects the RVer and their loved ones (especially children) from accidental contact with the pin box that can result in injury or grease transfer. It offers protection from the Northwest weather (think rust), provides a protected place to store the pigtail that plugs into the truck and keeps birds or other critters from nesting in the pin box.

Campfire in a Can

Gift Camp FireIt seems like campfire burn bans are issued earlier and earlier each summer in the Northwest. If your RVing friend likes to sit around a campfire (and who doesn’t?) then they will appreciate the gift of a Campfire in a Can under the tree this Christmas. The Campfire in a Can operates on propane so there are no sparks or hot coals that could start a forest fire and therefore are allowed when wood campfires are not. Plus, there is no smoke to blow into your neighbors RV, smell up clothing or bother those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Personalized Dish Towel

Gift Dish TowelEvery RVer hangs a dish towel from the oven door handle in their RV. Why not give them a personalized one that is fun and will remind them of you every time they see it.



State Park Senior Pass

WA ParksIf you have a RVing senior that lives in Washington State on your Christmas gift list, consider giving them an off-season camping pass. With mild winters, most State Parks on the west side of the Cascades offer year around camping and with a senior pass, your gift allows the recipient free nightly camping from Oct. 1 to March 31 and Sunday through Thursday in April. There is a $10 per-night fee for utility sites. Passes are available for $75 for Washington state residents 62 years and older.

For more ideas check out our gift guide from last year.

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Dave Helgeson
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Dave Helgeson is the MHRV Show Director. He and his wife love to travel across the west in their RV. Dave writes about all things RVing but loves to share destinations and boondocking advice.

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