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The Northwest RVing Blog site is hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Each year, MHRV presents three important trade shows in the greater Seattle area to promote and display the RV Lifestyle. We are all about RVing and hope you will enjoy the many articles posted here about RVing in general and about our upcoming shows. 

youtubeThose of us that call the Puget Sound area home or anywhere with an abundance of hills (i.e. lack of wide-open flat space) may have a less than perfect place to park our RV when not in use. For me it is backing my travel trailer into a space on my blind side half way up a very steep dead end road. If I am not careful I can back my trailer over the edge of a retaining wall. For you, it might be hitting a utility pole, your neighbor’s fence or an adjacent RV in a storage lot.

youtubeWhile it is not my intent to dictate how adults should behave, I would like to take the opportunity here to remind my fellow RVers how to be good neighbors at campsites and RV parks. For those of you who may be new to RV camping, this article may serve as a good reference.

youtubeThe MHRV Show Association, producers of the annual Seattle RV Show, Puyallup RV Show and Enumclaw RV Show have enjoyed supporting Washington State Parks for many years. While COVID–19 has prevented us from supporting them with complimentary exhibit space at our shows along with sharing a portion of our gate sales, we would love to point our readers to several helpful online sites that have recently developed.

Editor's Note: Dave has a wealth of RVing knowledge. We'd like to share more of that with you on the topics you are most interested in. Please let us know in the comments below what you would like to see in future blog posts.

youtubeNew Years is a time to reflect back upon the year that has passed and a time to anticipate what the coming year holds. Now that February has arrived and we are a month into the New Year, I have been thinking about the thousands upon thousands that have read my blog entries over the years.

youtubeThis article is another topic on the list of things your dealer may not have told you about how to use your RV. Possibly the least favorite all-time jobs an RV technician has to deal with is a problem with the holding tanks, specifically the black (toilet) tank(s). Working on holding tanks is a difficult, time-consuming, and messy job. If you have ever looked at the waste plumbing on the outside of your RV, you may have noticed that it consists entirely of rigid ABS piping, the same as your domestic drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plumbing.

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