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The Northwest RVing Blog site is hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Each year, MHRV presents two important trade shows in the greater Seattle area to promote and display the RV Lifestyle. We are all about RVing and hope you will enjoy the many articles posted here about RVing in general and about our upcoming shows. 

There are few adventures that are more fun than camping. You get to immerse yourself in nature (which offers a wealth of mental health benefits), grill in the great outdoors (check out these culinary camping delights), toast marshmallows over an open campfire (be sure to take precautions when doing so), take time to get lost in a good book (find some inspiration here), and connect with your camping mates in a way you simply can’t when you’re in the city. And if you’re taking a recreational vehicle on your outing, the fun begins on the drive to your campsite!

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As Summer is coming to a close, I’ve looked back on all of the many trips we’ve taken in our trailer. This is only the 2nd summer that my husband and I have had our RV and I’ve been so surprised how much we’ve been using it. It seems like we’re constantly either packing or unpacking it. For any event, social gathering or business that takes us away from home, we’re often deciding whether or not we should bring our trailer along. I’ve mentioned before that we purchased our RV for so much more than vacationing. If it were only for vacations it would be sitting idle for all but a couple weeks or weekends a year. We have regular lives with full time jobs and To Do lists, so for us, our trailer is for more than just camping or vacations. It’s quite often used for a combination of both business and pleasure.

Editor’s Note: A recent poll taken on indicates a good percentage of readers would like more tips and maintenance ideas. We appreciate your feedback and will include more tips and maintenance ideas starting with this and future entries.

Pages have been written about the cleaning and maintaining of your black tank (sewer) along with controlling odor, but the proper method to operate your gray tank is hardly ever mentioned. Following are some tips that will likely keep the area around your campsite smelling better (especially with the hot weather we have been experiencing in the Northwest) while making your tank dumping process more efficient.

The kids are back in school which equates to less pressure on RV parks and campgrounds as family vacations come to an end. Not only are the campgrounds less crowded, but many begin offering off-season discounts, especially to senior RVers. Let’s take a look at some of the options here in the Northwest.

Editor's Note - This is the 4th and final article in the series "Exploring the RV Lifestyle" with two newbies touring the Olympic Peninsula. To read the other articles about this trip, see "Getting Ready", "Ocean Shores" and "Rain Forest".

We headed into Fort Worden for our last stop on the adventure a little later than we planned. It didn’t leave time to go into Port Townsend and look around, always something there to see and do. We had reserved our two-day space back in February for our May stay, so glad we did!  Many people were hoping to get into the park but there were no multi-days available and very few one-night stays. Plan early! We proceeded directly to the park and found our pre-assigned RV space. However, we soon realized that even though we had booked ahead, all must report to the office and check-in first.

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