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The Northwest RVing Blog site is hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Each year, MHRV presents three important trade shows in the greater Seattle area to promote and display the RV Lifestyle. We are all about RVing and hope you will enjoy the many articles posted here about RVing in general and about our upcoming shows. 

P Trap

You have settled into a full-hookup campsite, hooked up the water, plugged in the power and connected the sewer hose between the RV and the campsite sewer inlet. Seasoned RVers know you always leave the black dump valve closed* until you are ready to dump the black tank, but what about the gray valve?

Many RVers like to leave the gray valve open so they can liberally use the shower and run sink water without having to worry about filling up the gray tank. However, doing so can allow sewer gases to travel from the sewer system up your sewer hose

Dark Skies

If you didn’t travel to somewhere dark with the RV to view the Persid Meteor Showers last month, fear not - there are more opportunities in the next couple of months to stare at the night sky. The great thing about Fall stargazing is it gets dark earlier so you don’t always have to stay up too late to enjoy the show.

As most RVers know, some of the best views of the night skies are found far from the city lights in America’s state and national parks. Plus, RVs offer one of the easiest ways to travel to the parks and enjoy the heavenly show in comfort.

Battery Blues

Traveling with all of today's modern conveniences: digital cameras, cordless tools, laptops, tablets, etc. equates to the need to charge them on a regular basis. If you frequently dry camp for long periods, do you find yourself constantly battling to keep things charged? While some of the items mentioned above can be operated with a 12- volt adapter / charger via a 12-volt outlet in your RV, others cannot.

One solution to this problem is an inexpensive, low wattage inverter (400 watt or so). An inverter coverts 12 volts DC power, which is the primary operating voltage of your RV, tow vehicle and/or dinghy, into 120 volts AC power which is what


Have you ever noticed the word “seRVice” contains the acronym (some even consider it a word) RV within it? Coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe the majority of RVers like to serve the needs of others. Just look at the largest RV camping club in the world – The Good Sam Club which is named after the good Samaritan in the Bible who went out of his way to help a fellow traveler in need while others passed by ignoring the need. RVers like us are well suited to help others: We arrive to serve with our own housing, food and water requiring nothing of the host site. RVs can carry/tow needed materials

Teanaway Campground

Looking for a place to go camping for a summer weekend, but don’t want to drive too far from the Seattle area? Then check out the campgrounds in the recently created Teanaway Community Forest. In September of 2013, The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) announced the purchase of 50,272 acres from American Forest Holdings in the headwaters of the Yakima Basin watershed which have been designated as the Teanaway Community Forest. The acquisition is the largest single land transaction in Washington State in 45 years. The purchase included two existing campgrounds. These combined with one established DNR campground in the area equates to three great campgrounds to enjoy in the Teanaway Community Forest with each offering its own unique outdoor experience. All three campgrounds have sites capable of accommodating RVs and are pet friendly, so long as your pet is leashed and waste is disposed of properly. Let’s take a look at the three campgrounds in the Teanaway Community Forest:

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