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August is prime tourist season in the Northwest; the weather is great, campgrounds are booked and state and national parks are packed with visitors. Where’s a Puget Sound RVer to go on a spur of the moment RV outing to enjoy the summer weather?

Think outside the box by visiting lesser known or fringe areas of popular parks and lesser known/ less accessible RV parks, campgrounds and other campsites.

One great example is Mount Rainier National Park’s Spray Park via the lesser known northwest park entrance through the old coal mining town of Wilkeson.

On one of your next RVing adventures, discover a secret place known as Glass Beach near the town of Port Townsend on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

If your RV travels have never delivered you to the Port Townsend area, plan to spend a couple of days absorbing the charm when you go. The town is a magnet for tourists as it offers much to see and do, including unique Victorian structures constructed during the 1850's boon.

Enjoying the Summer

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Greetings to all RVing residents and visitors to the Great Northwest! It is our hope this finds you happy, healthy and on the road enjoying the RVing way of life! Summer is just beginning and many of us are certainly engaging in the expression of freedom that RVing brings, so as summer begins to heat up it’s time to turn our attention to the RV heating system. What? It will soon be 80-plus-degrees outside and you want to talk about furnaces? However odd that sounds, now is the time to prepare the RV furnace for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Too often we wait until that first chilly night appears and then wonder why the furnace will not operate properly. The time to prepare your furnace is now, during the summer!

Most RVers utilize a GPS unit in their travels. They tell you where you are in the world and direct you to where you want to go. They are an indispensable tool to those with a permanent case of white line fever. Well, what if your GPS could take you to a hidden container full of treasure?

It's true! It's called geocaching and it is a great recreational addition to your RV travels. Now, before you get too excited and quit your job to become a full-time RVing treasure hunter, be aware that the treasure chests you seek will be Tupperware containers and old ammo boxes, and the treasure inside will range from happy meal toys to small collectibles. You won't get financially rich but you will be richly rewarded with secret out-of-the-way places that you never knew existed. Isn't that why most of us RV in the first place - to discover what lies beyond the next corner?

Tired of the June gloom in Western Washington? Want to go somewhere with some sunshine, hike to a viewpoint or two while enjoying spring wildflowers? Of course you will need someplace to park the RV for the weekend too!

You will find all of that and more just a short drive over Snoqualmie Pass on the outskirts of Easton. With the Cascades blocking the marine layer and clouds from Western Washington, spring weather on the east side of the Cascades is likely to be warmer and sunnier than the west side.

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