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The Northwest RVing Blog site is hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Each year, MHRV presents two important trade shows in the greater Seattle area to promote and display the RV Lifestyle. We are all about RVing and hope you will enjoy the many articles posted here about RVing in general and about our upcoming shows. 

Walking in Millersylvania State Park

We’ve officially reached the end of our RV season this year. With snow covering the ground at home and temperatures reaching below 20 degrees, our trailer is winterized until next season. For our final trip of the season we turned Thanksgiving week into vacation week. With two family gatherings bringing us 2 and 3 hours away from home, we figured it was in our best interest to break up the drive and stay close by in our trailer to avoid bouncing back and forth between gatherings. Finding places to stay in late November didn’t leave us tons of options, but with some searching we found great locations that were both convenient and enjoyable.

Freezing Weather Camping Tips

Itching for an RV getaway, but freezing temperatures and/or snow keeping you at home in front of the fireplace? Maybe you will be traveling to friends and/or family east of the Cascades for Christmas and would like to take the RV to stay in, but are concerned about the weather. Don’t let extended freezing temperatures keep you from RVing this winter.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Is my RV designed for winter use?”

Many manufacturers build what they call a “4 Season RV” or will offer an “arctic package”. While there is no industry standard defining either of these terms, they typically will include some or all of the following:

Little Camper Gifts Under the Tree

Does the holiday season have you scratching your head for gift ideas? Keep reading for a list of 10 great gift options that are sure to be a win with the precious little campers in your life. With Christmas fast approaching, I like to get my holiday shopping done far enough in advance that I can enjoy the season instead of letting myself stress over “what to get for so and so”. If that’s you too, keep reading and take the stress out of your holiday shopping this year.

Gift Ideas for RVers

Have an RVer on your Christmas gift list, but have absolutely no idea on what to get them?

Following are 7 gift ideas that would be appreciated by newbie and seasoned RVers alike.

Remote Temperature Monitor – If the RV enthusiast on your gift list loves to take their four- legged friends with them, consider giving them a remote temperature monitoring system.

RV Tips for Fall and Winter

Fall is here with winter just around the corner. This time of year, RVers need to ask themselves the question, “What am I going to do with my RV?”.

Many will be done camping for the year and winterize their RV. If this is you, be sure to properly winterize your RV to avoid damage during freezing weather. Here is a link from our friend Gary Bunzer on how to fully winterize your RV if you are unfamiliar with the process.

While winterizing your RV don’t forget to remove items from the RV that can be damaged by freezing weather like cans/bottles of soda, water bottles, canned goods, etc. It’s no fun to come back to your RV in the spring and find a sticky mess caused by ruptured pop containers and canned fruit.

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