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youtubeIt’s that time of year again - time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas gift list! If you have an RVer on this year’s list following are 8 gift ideas to consider.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with 5 in 1 Rescue Tools – This 5 in 1 tire gauge can measure tire pressures up to 150 PSI on RVs, tow vehicles, and motorcycles along with ATVs and also features a LED Flashlight, Car Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter and Red Safety Light.  Proper tire pressure is essential in preventing blow outs and maximizing gas mileage for RVers.  The added safety features of a window breaker and seatbelt cutter could be a lifesaver in an emergency. Plus, what RVer couldn’t use another flashlight?

5 in 1 Tool

Folding / Portable Picnic Table – Does your gift recipient prefer dispersed camping (aka boondocking) away from developed campgrounds with picnic tables and other amenities? Consider giving them a folding picnic table which provides seating for four and a tabletop for dining or playing games yet compactly folds up for easy storage in their RV.

Folding Picnic Table

Diversion Can Safe – Every now and then an RVer needs to hide valuables while away from the RV during the day. Maybe it’s a wedding ring they need to safely store while swimming at the beach or extra spending cash they don’t want to carry in their wallet. Diversion can safes offer a great place to hide small valuables in a RV versus a heavy easy to find, hard to secure conventional safe.  The makers of can safes obtain original cans of common household products from the manufacture, but rather than filling them with tire sealant or pears, they install an undetectable screw-off bottom allowing RVers to hide their valuables in “plain sight”! Chicago Police say these units are better than a locked safe and a hundred times cheaper. 

Diversion Can Safe

Flexible Cutting Mat – Every RV needs some type of cutting board / mat for preparing meals. Rather than carry a heavy cutting board that can be hard to clean, consider gifting them with a flexible cutting mat that is lightweight, flexible and easy to store. Make the gift memorable and fun by giving a mat with a retro RV design.

Cutting Mat

Tire Pressure Management System (TPMS) - The purpose of a tire pressure monitoring system is to warn the driver that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions. Most new passenger vehicles are equipped with a TPMS from the factory, but rarely found on new motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc. While not the most glamorous gift, the recipient will appreciate the peace of mind while traveling down the road without worrying about tire troubles on their motorhome, trailer or dinghy. Many TPMS’s will also monitor tire temperature and in many instances can alert the driver to problems involving overheated brakes, bearings, hubs and/or drums. Another side benefit the recipient will enjoy is increased fuel mileage as under-inflated tires correlate to wasted fuel. When shopping for a system as a gift, remember to purchase a system to handle the number of tires on the towed RV, motorhome and dinghy. While a dinghy will likely have a factory installed system, it won’t display on the dash of the motorhome thus requiring separate sensors.

Access Passes – If the RVer on your gift list loves to recreate on public land consider giving them a pass that will allow them to camp / recreate on public land. State and Federal passes vary by region, but in Washington State a Discover Pass allows the pass holder to camp for free (where allowed) on Washington Fish and Wildlife lands, Department of Natural Resource lands and saves paying day use fees at Washington State Parks. If your gift recipient loves to camp out and enjoy snow sports, consider giving them a SnoPark Pass which allows them to camp at many Washington State SnoParks and enjoy winter activities like cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and more. On the Federal side of things, an America the Beautiful Pass provides free access to National Parks, National Monuments, US Forest Service trailheads and boat launches and many BLM (Bureau of Land Management) fee sites. If an America the Beautiful Pass is more than your budget allows, consider a Northwest Forest Pass instead which allows the pass holder to enjoy US Forest Service trailheads, boat launches and some other amenities (not overnight camping) for free.

Gift Guide Kill a WattKill a Watt Meter - Monitoring / understanding electrical power draw is something every RVer must manage. The appliances that are part of the RV (refrigerator, air conditioning, etc) along with those RVers bring with them (hair dryers, toasters, etc) will typically exceed the campground power, generator or the RVs inverter if too many are operated at the same time. The Kill a Watt meter allows RVers to learn how much each appliance consumes and determine which items can operate concurrently without overloading the power supply.

Campfire in a Can - It seems like campfire burn bans are issued earlier and earlier each summer in the Northwest. If your RVing friends like to sit around a campfire (and who doesn’t?) then they will appreciate the gift of a Campfire in a Can under the tree this Christmas. The Campfire in a Can operates on propane so there are no sparks or hot coals that could start a forest fire and therefore are allowed when wood campfires are not. Plus, there is no smoke to blow into your neighbors RV, smell up clothing or bother those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Finally, don’t forget the stocking stuffers – Most any RVer who resides in Western Washington will appreciate a couple of tickets to the Seattle RV Show coming in early February. Online tickets go on sale December 15th.

For more ideas, see our 2018 , 2017 and 2016 lists of gift ideas.

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