Fall has arrived, but that is no reason to put the RV back into storage until spring. Fall is an amazing time to get outside and reconnect with nature, especially after this summer’s heat and forest fire smoke. Get out the insulated boots, sweaters, beanies and enjoy.

Fall colors - Leaf peeping can only be done in the fall, so load up the RV and head for the hills to view maple, aspen, larches and other species that will delight your senses. A few suggestions on where to leaf peep with your RV include: Mount Rainier National Park, a drive over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth and the Columbia River Gorge among others. Those that want to include a little exercise with their leaf peeping may want to consider one of the fall color hikes listed here.

Attend an Octoberfest  - Washington State alone boasts over 1 million residents with German heritage, that’s means there’s a lot of German food and beer consumed every fall. Why not find a campground or RV Park located near one of the Octoberfest activities listed here and join in the fun. 

Head to the Ocean Beach – The summer crowds are gone, camping spaces are easier to come by and the fog that often hangs around in the heat of summer has cleared to let the sun shine and the views invigorate you. After a walk down the beach on a brisk fall day, return to the RV to warm up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Tailgating – Even if you are not a football fanatic or have tickets to the game, load up the RV and experience a tailgate party first hand. Typically there are plenty of pre-game activities you can participate in and who doesn’t enjoy a stroll through a parking lot full of barbeques grilling up a pregame snack! When was the last time you attended a high school football game? Friday nights are always festive in small towns as everyone comes out for the game. Even more fun - take a trip down memory lane by returning to the hometown of your youth and taking in a game.

Fresh Fruit – Head to eastern Washington where you will find freshly picked fall fruit waiting for you from among a cornucopia of roadside fruit stands, better yet find an orchard where you can pick your own and maybe even press your own cider. Once the RV is stocked with a supply of fruit hunker down for the evening in one of the many beautiful state parks along the Columbia River where the odds are you will find a prime campsite without booking ahead. Don’t forget to slice one of your fresh peaches on your breakfast cereal the next morning. Yum!

Salmon – Coho, Sockeye and other varieties of salmon spawn in the fall allowing you to get a first hand glimpse of these majestic fish as they make their way up Northwest rivers and streams. You may also want to try your luck at catching one of these finicky fish which are pretty tasty grilled up over the fire at your campsite at the end of a day. Click here for suggested viewing locations of spawning salmon.

Visit a pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze – Many farms across the Pacific Northwest welcome visitors in the fall to pick the perfect carving pumpkin from their patch or negotiate their corn maze or take a hay ride with the family. Some may even let you stay for the night in your RV if you ask. Click here for a list of kid friendly pumpkin patches in the South Puget Sound region.

Yes, you can enjoy most of these activities without an RV, but it’s more enjoyable when you have your own space, dry clothes to change into when you get wet and dirty, a place to cook your own meals, your own restroom and most important a cozy place to bed down for the night rather than fighting traffic to return home at the end of a day.

Dave Helgeson
Author: Dave HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dave Helgeson is the MHRV Show Director. He and his wife love to travel across the west in their RV. Dave writes about all things RVing but loves to share destinations and boondocking advice.


0 #2 K Booher 2019-10-04 16:38
We're looking to buy 2014-2017 Winnebago View/Navion. Do you have any recommendations for independent service people in Seattle Area?
pre-purchase inspection/maintenance
0 #1 Tony Sienko 2017-09-30 17:25
It's nice to see that all the activities in the Pacific Northwest are in Washington! Absolutely nothing in Oregon and Idaho.
Apparently we don't have trees, camping, fishing, hunting beaches, etc.
Thanks for the nonmention.

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