youtubeIn 2017 my husband and I were blessed with our first precious miracle - our son Nolan. Then again in 2019 our family grew as we added our sweet little Molly to the family. Our life was changed forever. We lost sleep, but found joy. We lost independence, but found a family. One major change that resulted from having children was that we changed the way we vacationed. We now had a lot more necessities to bring along with us, required more flexibility, and needed it all on a smaller budget. After careful consideration and much excitement we decided the way to vacation would be with an RV. Read below for our top five reasons we chose to get our RV.

1 - Picking Your Own Schedule

Whether revolving around your children’s nap schedules, making last minute plans, or just simply wanting extra flexibility, RVs allow you to vacation on your clock. No more stressing to change departure times or rushing to catch a flight. The RV leaves when you say it does. Your time, your speed, your way. When staying in a hotel check out times can leave you hustling. No need for alarms and no need to check the breakfast hours. In an RV your “check out” and breakfast time is whenever you’re good and ready.

Another benefit to picking your own schedule is you get to plan all the sights and stops along your way. Have kids? An RV lets you make unscheduled stops due to smelly diapers, antsy passengers, or when the chorus of “I’m hungry” lets out. Speaking of food, that brings me to my next reason.

Easy Stops Along the Way With Kids

2 - Choosing Your Own Food

Traveling by plane or car leaves little allowance for packing food, especially those that are perishable. An RV offers great fridge and freezer space with tons of shelving space for non-perishables. No need to eat out every day - no one wants to see that bill, or that scale for that matter. And no more searching for somewhere everyone likes, let alone something a picky toddler will eat. You’ve got a trailer full of food you selected based on your likes, your diet and your budget.

Picky Toddler Foods on Hand

3 - Save Money Vacationing

While considering purchasing an RV, cost was definitely a concern for us. Staying home with kids dropped us down to one income and we needed to be wise with our money. After considering the costs over the long haul, an RV definitely checked out. While RVing certainly requires more money upfront, it pays for itself so quickly as you save on hotel stays, restaurant bills, and many entertainment choices. Your RV is never overbooked, all meals are included and it’s driven to the entertainment destination of your selection. Now that’s an all-inclusive vacation. Multiple that by “x” number of vacations and that upfront cost doesn’t look so significant. I can’t count the number of times my husband and I have expressed how thankful we are to have our trailer. Because the cost of each trip in our RV is so minimal our vacations plans aren’t so limited based on our budget. We can vacation more often without burning a hole in our wallet. What a blessing to choose to take vacations when we feel we need them, or when the weather is nice, rather than when we’ve saved up a lot of money. Vacations don’t have to cost a lot to bring peace, rejuvenation and a whole lot of memories. Just pack the trailer and take off on your destination of choice.

Meals Can Go With You

4 - Access to Your Own Bathroom

Growing up, my family traveled by van nearly everywhere we went! That mostly included tent camping, and sleeping in the car, but what that didn’t include was showering. Every few nights we were all so anxious for warm showers and an escape from public and pit toilets. Can I get an Amen?!

Now with our RV we don’t have to look for or even wait for the next rest stop. Just pull over at the next wide spot and take a minute, then head back on the road. Got kids who are potty training? Your RV offers quick reliable access and even space for a child size potty if needed. We keep ours right in the bathtub and move it out when baths or showers are needed. No need to let a vacation set your child backwards on potty training. No child or parent needs that.

So Nice and Easy With a Bathroom Aboard

Diapering children? Your RV beats any public changing station. No fear of germs or need to sanitize before use. And you always have what you need at your fingertips right there in the trailer. Spare clothes, extra wipes, trash bags, and of course soap and warm water.

5 - Plenty of Storage Space

Let’s face it. Kids come with a lot of stuff. Diapers, clothes, toys, books, blankies, etc all take up plenty of room. But whether you’re traveling with kids or not, many of us aren’t light packers. Vacations can require a lot of gear. After all you may be hitting the beach one day, hiking the next or even biking. No need to check extra baggage at the airport. And don’t get me started on car rides cramped full to the brim. Your RV holds a ton with all sorts of hidden storage. Under beds, benches, couches, and of course side compartments with outside access doors. All easily available but out of sight so you’re prepared for any adventure without tripping over things along the way. Minimalists or “maximalist” (did I make that up?) there’s room for it in your RV.

Lots of Storage Options

Over the past few years our RV has taken us so many places and given us so many great memories. I’m so glad that we made this decision for our family nearly three years ago. Are you on the fence about getting an RV or have you already jumped on board? What’s your reason? We’ve all got plenty! Happy RVing!

Emily Helgeson
Author: Emily HelgesonEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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