youtubeIt’s almost that time again and I can hardly believe it! Christmas is fast approaching and with it the gift-giving season. No need to break the bank with expensive gifts, or hit up store after store during cold and flu season. Save yourself time and money with my 2020 gift guide for RVers- all available for purchase online.

  1. Personalized “Happy Camper” Door Mat (Under $20)

Sometimes personalizing items can seem like an overused marketing tactic. Like putting the word “camping” on an item automatically makes it the perfect gift for an RVer. While I don’t sport an “I’d rather be camping” license plate holder on my minivan, I find this personalized door mat puts the fun in functional. We all need somewhere to wipe the “camp” off our feet before walking through the camper, so we might as well do it in style. This mat features a vintage camper (so trendy right now) with the phrase “Happy Camper” and even lets you personalize it with your family’s last name on the bottom. And for less than $20!

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  1. Hanging Bathroom Bag (Under $30)

While RVs are spacious, they still require more sharing of the bathroom than we may be used to at home. We all can use a toiletry bag, but step up your gift giving game with a hanging bathroom bag for him or her. Both of these bags offer tons of storage with easy access. They fold up easily whether it’s your turn for the bathroom or if you’ve just gotten the boot. They can be hung anywhere: on cabinet or closet handles, shelves, towel bars you name it. Don’t know the RV bathroom layout of your loved one? Throw in a command hook with your gift and let them pick the perfect location to hang their bag with ease. Need a Christmas idea honey? #hinthint

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  1. Travel Jewelry Organizer (Under $20)

Just because we’re camping doesn’t mean all the jewelry needs to be left at home. I’m not saying I wear bangles on a hike, but I like to bring along a few necklaces or earrings and don’t need to be detangling a rat’s nest of necklaces or searching for a lost earring back. This travel jewelry organizer has tons of storage while maintaining a small footprint. Available in mini, small and large, with the large including a hook for hanging. Pick the best size for your loved one all for under $30.

Jewelry Organizer - Photo from

  1. Waterproof Phone Bag (Under $10)

I’m no photographer, but I take my fair share of pictures while we’re vacationing. Whether we’re walking along the water, boating, or heading for a swim, this waterproof bag keeps your phone dry and fully operational even submerged under water. Say goodbye to the panicked need for dry rice to save your battery (#guilty) and hello to this awesome phone bag.

Waterproof Phone Bag - Photo from

  1. Flexible Phone Tripod (Under $20)

While they’re taking pictures, let your loved one get in the shot too with this flexible tripod. No more haphazard balancing acts or dragging over the picnic table for the right height #beentheredonethat. This tripod lets you tilt your phone angle, adjust the legs and even wrap the tripod legs around whatever is convenient. Let them capture the memories with their self in the picture too, all for under $20.

Phone Tripod - Photo from

  1. Hydration Pack (Under $30 or under $50)

Whether you’re day hiking, exploring camp, or walking down to the beach, a hydration pack keeps you hydrated (duh!) and hands free. These back packs have such a slim profile, but with plenty of space for extras along with 2 liters of water. There are a great variety of options on the market from under $50 like this one by Teton, or under $30 like this one by Water Buffalo. Whatever style or brand you choose, you’ll help keep your loved one prepared on the go.

Hydration Backpacks - Photos from

  1. Lawn Games (Under $40)

Lounging around the campsite? Bring on the fun and games with some travel friendly lawn games such as corn hole, ladder ball, or bocce ball. There are endless choices available online, just pick your preference and your price range and let the games begin.

Cornhole Game - Photo from


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  1. Lantern (Under $20)

As the day reaches an end and the sun goes down, let there be light for your loved one, with a camping lantern. This lantern is not only LED, (no more frequent battery changes) but it has four light settings so your eyes don’t have to adjust from campfire light to stadium lights.

Lantern Photo from

  1. Puck Lights (Under $20)

RVs have such great storage. So many cupboards, shelves, and closets, but sometimes lighting can be lacking. Puck lights are awesome for adding light wherever needed, with a low profile and at a low cost. Too many products say batteries not included these days. These battery operated puck lights are long lasting, but go the extra mile and throw in some extra batteries for when they do need to be replaced down the road.

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  1. Throw Blanket- Camping Themed (Under $15)

Oh, sitting around a campfire has to be one of my favorite parts about camping. But in the Pacific North West even in the peak of summer those nights can leave you chilly. Pick out a warm, cute throw blanket just for the occasion, like this  “Happy Camper” blanket from Camping World. It comes in blue, pink, or gray, with a vintage camper design and it’s oversized, which means plenty of warmth to go around. Warm and cuddly- the best qualities in a blanket. Get your loved one a throw they can dedicate to their RV and bring out around the campfire for years to come.

Photo from

May your days be merry and bright as you shop for your loved ones this year. Don’t get caught up in the marketing hoopla- just give a gift from the heart that puts the fun in functional too. A gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. Then with your shopping taken care of, go enjoy the real reason for the season. Happy holidays you happy campers!

Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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