2016 Seminars

At the 2016 Seattle RV Show you will again find a full slate of seminars. Regardless whether you are just thinking about joining the RV lifestyle or have been RVing for years, you are certain to come away with useful information from this year's offering of technical and lifestyle seminars. Following is the list of speakers currently scheduled to appear and a brief description of the topics they will cover.

First off, everyone's favorite Gary Bunzer "The RV Doctor" will be returning to the Seattle RV Show sharing his technical knowledge of today's

sophisticated RVs. He will present the following four seminars at the show:

Spare Parts/Key Questions

Do you dread being forced to contact an unfamiliar RV service facility while driving through an unfamiliar location? Do you fear they may take advantage of your transient situation? Has a service shop ever told you the propane regulator is faulty and that their shop is the only one within 300 miles? This seminar suggests a list of recommended spare parts to be carried in the coach for each major system, including the appliances and other devices that have a higher frequency of failure, coupled with questions to be asked while on the road should you happen to be forced into an unfamiliar service shop.

The RV Doctor’s Top 10 RV Facts of Life

Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, has seen it all over the last 45 years in the RV business. Over time, the Doc has collected a few RV Facts of Life. Learn how to cope and even take advantage of these non-negotiable realities. If you want to get the most out of your recreational investment, this seminar is for you.

Exterior Care of Your RV

Gary speaks of three different types of motorhome maintenance; Preventive, Restorative and Crisis. Protect your recreational investment and maximize its value by learning the proper way to address all exterior surfaces. Exterior problems will not simply go away. Discrepancies left unaddressed will only worsen over time and lead to increased damage and higher repair and/or replacement costs.

The Top 10 Maintenance Tips Every RVer Should Know

The degree to which we enjoy the RVing lifestyle is proportional to the amount of trouble-free traveling we encounter. When Gary’s ten tips are correctly employed at their specific intervals, operational problems within the RV systems will be minimized and oftentimes, eliminated entirely. Learn the secrets at this seminar! If you prefer to leave the technical aspects of RVing to the mechanic at your local RV dealership or your significant other, there are plenty of other seminars worth attending.

Understanding Guided RV Tours presented by Wil Olsen

Learn why so many fellow RV’ers choose organized caravans. They are designed to enhance your travel vacation experiences with preplanned routes, established reservations and pre-organized activities. Experienced leaders will share tips to successful caravanning - finding the right fit, expectations, preparation, all while having priceless fun with new friends. Presented by Wil Olsen, Wagon master for Adventure Caravans. Attend the seminar to enter to win a $500 gift certificate!

RVing to Alaska presented by Wil Olsen

The trip of a lifetime – traveling north to Alaska in your RV! Learn about planning, reservations, “Alaska-Proofing” your vehicles, suggested spare parts, road conditions, people, and the activities you won’t want to miss. Presented by Wil Olsen, Wagon master for Adventure Caravans. Attend the seminar to enter to win a $500 gift certificate!

RVing in Mexico Presented by Wil Olsen

Discover the many popular and diverse regions of Mexico and why RV travel is one of the very best ways to explore, and enjoy this wonderful country. We will talk culture, safety, people, border crossings, vehicle documentation, and setting your expectations to help you prepare for your journey. Presented by Wil Olsen, Wagon master for Adventure Caravans. Attend the seminar to enter to win a $500 gift certificate!

RVing the Canadian Atlantic Provinces Presented by Wil Olsen

Travel to Northeastern Canada for the trip of a lifetime through the Atlantic Provinces! We will provide practical information, including trip planning, routes and conditions so you will get the most benefit out of your trip, whether traveling solo, with friends, or with a guided tour group. Presented by Wil Olsen, Wagon master for Adventure Caravans. Attend the seminar to enter to win a $500 gift certificate!

RVing the Great River Road Presented by Wil Olsen

From Bemidji, MN to Venice, LA, meander along our nation’s longest scenic byway and transportation artery, the mighty Mississippi River. Learn about the history and highlights of this exciting journey! Get practical information on planning, vehicle preparation, routes, conditions, communications, and resources so you will get the most benefit out of your trip, whether traveling solo, with friends, or with a guided tour group... Presented by Wil Olsen, Wagonmaster for Adventure Caravans. Attend the seminar to enter to win a $500 gift certificate!

Gold, Gemstones and RVs Presented by Washington Prospectors Mining Association

Looking for a new and exciting activity to enjoy with the RV that includes a little exercise and finding treasure? Sit in on this informative seminar and learn how and where to find gemstones and gold, they are easier to find in
Washington State than you might think. Not only will this seminar teach you how and where to find gemstones and gold during your RV travels, but free places to camp too!

Hosting in State Parks Presented by Washington State Parks

The Host Program offers enthusiastic and interested volunteers the chance to stay and have fun in beautiful and diverse park settings while gaining experience in park operations and visitor services. Find out how rewarding becoming a host can be in this informative seminar.

Retire On Your Terms Presented by Jim Black

Are you looking to retire and "hit the road"? Attend this seminar and learn about: Maximizing your social security check. Making your nest egg last as long as you will be retired. Tax strategies to reduce taxes in retirement. Wills, trusts, estate taxes, and long term care insurance. How to protect your nest egg against market fluxuations and losses and much, much more.

RV Economics Presented by WSECU

RVing doesn't need to be expensive. Join WSECU as they explain the economic advantages of buying a RV. In this seminar you will learn about financing options, tax deductions, cost savings of vacationing via a RV over other methods of travel and other financial benefits of RV ownership.

Winter Fun With Washington State Parks Presented by Washington State Parks

There is no need to put your RV away for the winter. Let Washington State Parks show you all the ways to enjoy your RV during the colder months. Many RVers are unaware that Washington State Parks administers snow-parks across the state where active RVers can snowshoe, dog sled, snowmobile, cross country ski and enjoy other winter sports all from the comfort of their RV. Many snow-parks allow you to camp overnight as well as making for a low cost family fun outing. If snow sports are not your thing head to the ocean beach parks for some razor clamming, storm watching, beach combing and other fun activities. Ice fishing is another winter activity that can be enjoyed via parks in Eastern Washington. Those 62 and older can learn how to camp for free during the cooler months at State Parks with an off season senior citizen pass.

Boondocking 101 Presented by Dave Helgeson

Are you a free spirit looking for the total freedom that a RV offers, that likes to go "where they want, when they want"? Then be sure to attend this entertaining seminar where you will learn how to break free of schedules, reservations, leash laws, campground fees and other modern inconveniences? In this seminar you will learn how to find your own secret hideaways on public land before leaving home via the internet and how to safely and comfortably stay there without hookups.

Free Camping Across Washington presented by Dave Helgeson

RV camping doesn't need to be expensive. Join experienced boondocker and thrifty Norwegian, Dave Helgeson as he shares how to find campgrounds and scenic locations across the State of Washington where you can camp for free. It's true and he is not talking about Walmarts or rest areas either!

Proper Dinghy Towing Presented by Torklift

Tow bars, tow dollies, four wheels down, auxiliary braking, etc. there is so much to learn about pulling a vehicle (dinghy) behind a motorhome. Learn how proper selection of a dinghy and towing equipment will enable you to safely and conveniently enjoy the benefits of towing a dinghy in this informative seminar.

Proper Travel Trailer Towing presented by Torklift

Trunnions, L bars, receivers, sway controls...determining what you need to safely tow a travel trailer can be over whelming! Attend the Proper Travel Trailer Towing seminar and learn travel trailer "hitch lingo" and the optimal way to tow your travel trailer.

Proper Fifth Wheel Towing presented by Torklift

In the past when it came to fifth wheel hitches you didn't have a lot of options. Today there are countless manufactures and types of fifth wheel hitches for short bed, long bed and flatbed trucks that adjust in corners, can be easily removed or nearly hidden in the bed of the truck. The Proper Fifth Wheel Towing seminar will explain your choices allowing you to make the right choice to safely pull a fifth wheel with your truck.

Equipping Your Truck to Carry a Camper presented by Torklift

If your choice of RV is a truck camper how will you safely carry it on your truck? Mounting and suspension will be topics of discussion at the Equipping Your Truck to Carry a Camper seminar. The correct equipment can make owning a truck camper a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Towing Capacity - Matching Truck & Trailer presented by Torklift

Engine displacement, gear ratios, four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, 1/2 ton, 1 ton, long bed, short bed, transmission coolers and other terms may or may not mean much to you, but they make a big difference regarding how much a tow vehicle can pull and carry. If you are looking to tow a RV with your existing vehicle or have your eye on a shiny new towable RV and want to know what kind of vehicle you will need to properly tow it, sit in on this highly informative seminar and learn how to properly match truck and trailer.

PARADISE FOUND! - Explore Spectacular North Idaho and Eastern Washington Presented by Gary Chantry

Looking for a change of pace and scenery on your next RV outing? Let Gary Chantry show you the scenic beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities available in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Born and raised just north of Spokane, Gary will take you on a virtual tour from the Selkirk Mountains at the Canadian border, along the pristine waters of the Pend Oreille River, to the 4-season, recreational paradise in and around the lakes at Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene. With over 52 years of living in and enjoying this breathtaking scenery, wildlife and healthy recreation, he promises to provide you with the goods: Information, Answers and the Pros and Cons of RV travel or life on the 'dry' side of Washington State!

Insurance 101 - What You Need to Know Presented by Suzanne Taylor

Did you know there is a significant difference between regular vehicle insurance and RV insurance? Most RVers don't! Insuring a RV with a typical auto policy could leave significant gaps in your coverage. Attend this seminar and what you need to know about fully insuring your RV while protecting yourself from potential liability.

“Snow Birds” make easy targets for criminals. We are often trusting and friendly and have a stash of travel cash. Is there a gun in your RV? The vast majority of RVers travel with a gun. If this is YOUR choice; Be certain you are doing so safely. Be certain you are doing so legally. J.B. Herren from Northwest Safety First presents a series of 60-minute informational workshops for RVers.

Concealed Carry Permits for RV Travelers

How to obtain the proper firearm permits for RV travel in different states, with different laws? Transporting firearms across state lines in an RV may be a felony in many states. Understand the firearm laws that affect interstate travelers. Be safe! Be legal! ...There’s more to it than just reciprocity.

Choosing a Firearm for RV Travel - Myths & Facts

Shotgun? Rifle? Handgun? We all carry a fire extinguisher in case of fire. We all carry a first aid kit in case of injury. Explore the advantages of traveling with a firearm. For most violent threats while on the road, you will be your own First Responder. With proper training and equipment, a firearm may increase your safety & security while on the road.

RV’s, Guns, Law Enforcement & Litigation…

When is your RV a motor vehicle? When is it your home? Guns in the vehicle laws. Guns in the RV laws. Open carry & concealed carry laws. What to say & do before a shot is fired. What NOT to say & do AFTER a shot is fired. Traveling with guns & children. Safe transport and storage.

To find a complete listing of seminar and presentation dates and times visit the Seattle RV Show website and click on the "See Seminar Schedule" bar located in the header at the top of the page. The schedule will be posted no later than 30 days prior to the show.

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