Little Camper Gifts Under the Tree

Does the holiday season have you scratching your head for gift ideas? Keep reading for a list of 10 great gift options that are sure to be a win with the precious little campers in your life. With Christmas fast approaching, I like to get my holiday shopping done far enough in advance that I can enjoy the season instead of letting myself stress over “what to get for so and so”. If that’s you too, keep reading and take the stress out of your holiday shopping this year.

Ever find yourself gift shopping for kids you don’t see much throughout the year? It can keep you guessing when it comes to what’s age appropriate. If you have any little campers in your life, they can definitely use some travel items that are sure to add some fun along with function.

1. Camp Chair
Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or a tween, if they’re an RV family you know they’ll be spending a lot of time around a campfire. There’s such a variety of great options out there.
Standard camping chairs
Camping chairs with patterns or characters
Chairs with canopies for shelter from the rain or sun
Or even a baby chair like we have which also doubles as a feeding chair. This can be placed directly on the ground or strapped to a taller seat for easier access.

2. Flashlights
Kids can use them to light their way, explore their surroundings, or just feel like one of the grown-ups. Just teach them early on not to shine it in anyone’s eyes. Once again you can pick something standard or a fun pattern designed for kids. Another option for older kids is a head lamp, which is a great option for when they need to keep their hands free.

3. Backpack
What greater travel aid can a child ask for than a backpack. They’ll have fun helping store some of their own trip essentials or simply using it to carry around toys or fun things they collect on their adventures. This can help keep precious belongings from being left behind, as well as free up the hands of their parents. You can find these in all shapes and sizes. We even found one that fits our 18- month old son. To get one small enough for a toddler they often come with the controversial “leash” (aka an anti-lost backpack) which we just removed so he can use his back pack all on his own.

4. Walkie Talkies
For older children, consider getting them a set of Walkie Talkies. They will have so much fun using this to talk back and forth with friends or siblings. Walkie Talkies are also a great safety option for when your kids are old enough to play out of your sight. They can leave one with their parents to check in on them from time to time, but they can also use it to reach out if they’re in need of help.

I never would have thought of this idea, but this summer while camping our family shared a memory of the time their son lost his way back to the campsite and barely made it back before dark. On the same camping trip, our family came across a little girl who had fallen off her bike and got injured. By the time we got over to check on her, her dad was already coming to her rescue because she used her walkie talkie to call for help. When our son gets older I know this will be a must have for our family for added security.

5. Water Bottle
Keep your little camper hydrated and get them excited about drinking water. Pick out a water bottle with a special pattern, the child’s favorite cartoon characters, spill proof features, you name it. Something about drinking from a water bottle just seems to have so much more appeal for kids. Our son loves water bottles so much he will ask for more and more water and will drink so much more from a fun, “cool” water bottle than he will his standard sippy cup.

6. Travel snacks
If the child you’re shopping for comes from an RV family, chances are this precious little camper is no stranger to long car rides. Pick up some fun travel snacks they can bring along when hunger strikes mid car ride. This will be enjoyed by the child and appreciated by parents when a chorus of “I’m hungry” breaks out. When selecting snacks, remember to avoid potential choking hazards and to select something with a long shelf life that holds up well even in extreme heat (if left in the car).

Especially for little ones, food pouches are such a blessing when paired with a spill resistant pouch topper as I’ve mentioned in a previous post. Older kids love them too! Apple sauce pouches are sure to please. In fact, as I’ve packed food pouches for my son, I’ve considered making one for myself as my son happily sips on his while I’m hunger ridden in the car looking at a processed granola bar.

7. Camping Dishes
My son has received such fun camping dishes and utensils as gifts. We keep these permanently stored in the trailer, which makes them extra special. Pick some out for your little camper and make meal time more exciting no matter what’s on the menu. We’ve seen great dish sets at both Target and Camping World, but there are also lots of great choices online as well.

8. Clothing/Bibs
While it may not mean much to him yet, it’s been so fun seeing our son wear his camping themed bibs. We use these year-round but always bring them along on our camping trips. I love that he has his own camping gear. Just like all the “mini me” baby clothing out there, it’s been fun to see him representing the joy of camping that we feel ourselves too. Mommy loves her little camper! Our camping bibs came from Carter’s, but you can also find options on Amazon.

Camping themed clothing is also plentiful for both babies and children. While it may be out of season in stores this time of year, there is no shortage of options available on Amazon.

9. Camping Books
I’m sure you can find a million different children’s books out there with a camping theme, but our son’s favorite is definitely “Brave Little Camper”. We have this in the board book option which is great quality and so durable regardless of the many road trips it’s been through in the past year. It has an interactive button that makes sounds you may hear while you’re out camping. The button is easy to push and our son couldn’t be more pleased about that. This book is great for bedtime or for amusement on long car trips. Also in the series is “Brave Little Camper Saves Christmas”. There’s something so magical about having special books just for Christmas. 

If Brave Little Camper books are below the reading level interest of your little camper, try looking up their favorite book characters but add the world “camping” to your search. You can find camping books from Pete the Cat to Curious George, to Amelia Bedelia and so many more.

10. RV or Camping Themed Toys
Whether your little camper takes their toy on the road or enjoys it at home in the “off season”, a fun camping toy will be loved by many. While this may sound specific, I’ve been surprised how many different choices for camping themed toys are on the market today. From campfires to tents, to RVs, you name it, they’ve got it. Our son loves his toy RV from Fisher Price. It folds out for added features and closes up for compact storage. It has lights and buttons and removable pieces. Let your little ones enjoy planning their own make-believe vacations. They pick all the destinations and can travel the world with their own RV, without ever leaving home.

“Wrap Up”
I hope this year as you sit down with your Christmas list you remember the joy of finding that special gift for your loved ones. Don’t let the stress of coming up with ideas rob the joy of the season in any way. Remember to use this list for some practical and fun ideas for the little campers in your life. This year, save yourself the clueless trip to the mall, walking aimlessly in hopes of finding something before the store closes. I hope you can use these ideas to help you finish up your Christmas shopping before the holiday season gets away from you. Any other gift ideas you would add to the list? Write your comment below and help someone on their gift hunt today. Wishing you and your little campers a blessed Christmas season.

Emily Helgeson
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Emily Helgeson lives with her husband and two children in Eastern Washington. They enjoy adventuring together and are learning how to use their RV to continue this lifestyle with their growing family.

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