A couple of months back, we took a back-country adventure to the Smuggler Mine camp near Sheridan Montana. As promised in that entry, following is another historical place to explore Montana’s mining past complete with conventional places to camp and a few nice boondocking locations for those that truly enjoy the back country.

New RV First Trip

Congratulations; you did your research, attended an RV show (or two) and purchased your first RV!  Now it's time to prepare for the maiden voyage.

Following are some tips to help make that first trip in your new RV a success:

Practice Driving:

Regardless if your choice of RV is a motorhome or travel trailer towed behind the family SUV, you need to practice driving and maneuvering your rig.

Puyallup Seminars

Are you looking to join the thousands of other Northwest families that have discovered RVing? Do you feel intimidated by your lack of knowledge and have no idea on where to start your search concerning the RV lifestyle? Look no further than the upcoming Puyallup RV Show where you can gather a wealth of RV knowledge in a welcoming environment from industry experts ready to answer any and all questions you might have.

2017 Puyallup RV Show

While browsing through the vacation homes, hundreds of RVs or sitting in on one of the 14 different seminar topics at the 2017 Puyallup RV Show, May 4-7, don’t forget to visit the over 40 booth vendors offering something most any RVer can use. Following is an overview of what the booth vendors have to offer:

Looking to shelter your RV from the elements? There are three booth vendors ready to meet your needs from carports to full sized RV garages. Cover Your Toys booth 18, Alpha Steel Buildings booth 31 and Carports 4 Less booth 41.

Spring RVing

PRVS15 Callout RVDocGary Bunzer, the RV Doctor

Greetings to all fans of RVing in the Great Northwest! Ah, you can feel it can’t you? The attitudinal shift as winter’s wrath begins a slow passage to the back of our memories and is immediately replaced by spring’s welcoming blossom! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the air is a bit drier and we’ve been feeling the itch to get that RV up and running, just pining for that first trip of the new RVing season!