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The Northwest RVing Blog site is hosted by MHRV (Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle) Show Association. Each year, MHRV presents two important trade shows in the greater Seattle area to promote and display the RV Lifestyle. We are all about RVing and hope you will enjoy the many articles posted here about RVing in general and about our upcoming shows. 

Enjoying the Summer

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Greetings to all RVing residents and visitors to the Great Northwest! It is our hope this finds you happy, healthy and on the road enjoying the RVing way of life! Summer is just beginning and many of us are certainly engaging in the expression of freedom that RVing brings, so as summer begins to heat up it’s time to turn our attention to the RV heating system. What? It will soon be 80-plus-degrees outside and you want to talk about furnaces? However odd that sounds, now is the time to prepare the RV furnace for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Too often we wait until that first chilly night appears and then wonder why the furnace will not operate properly. The time to prepare your furnace is now, during the summer!

Tired of the June gloom in Western Washington? Want to go somewhere with some sunshine, hike to a viewpoint or two while enjoying spring wildflowers? Of course you will need someplace to park the RV for the weekend too!

You will find all of that and more just a short drive over Snoqualmie Pass on the outskirts of Easton. With the Cascades blocking the marine layer and clouds from Western Washington, spring weather on the east side of the Cascades is likely to be warmer and sunnier than the west side.

A couple of months back, we took a back-country adventure to the Smuggler Mine camp near Sheridan Montana. As promised in that entry, following is another historical place to explore Montana’s mining past complete with conventional places to camp and a few nice boondocking locations for those that truly enjoy the back country.

Beautiful Quincy Lakes

Hiking and fishing continually rank as the number one and two activities enjoyed by RVers. This week we will look at Washington’s 15,266-acre Quincy Lakes Columbia Basin Wildlife Area. The area features a dozen named lakes, hiking trails, stunning scenery and best of all free* dispersed camping!

Some of the lakes have direct vehicle access with boat ramps, while you have to hike into others. Species of fish vary depending on the lake with opportunities to catch Bass, Walleye, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Trout, Carp, Blue Gill and Tiger Musky. Larger lakes include:

New RV First Trip

Congratulations; you did your research, attended an RV show (or two) and purchased your first RV!  Now it's time to prepare for the maiden voyage.

Following are some tips to help make that first trip in your new RV a success:

Practice Driving:

Regardless if your choice of RV is a motorhome or travel trailer towed behind the family SUV, you need to practice driving and maneuvering your rig.